Use iTransmission 3 App as the Torrent Download Manager for iOS 6

It is a traditional activity to download torrents at regular intervals during the course of time. Usually, there are a plethora of tweaks, tips and tricks available to download Torrent on iOS. Each specific tweak rolls out functions & provisions the unique facility for the particular intended task. Amongst the available ones, the recent arrival of a newer version turns our tide in the favor of iTransmission. This particular tweak facilitates support for the iOS 6 untethered jailbreak devices and is packed along with some more updates.
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5 Tips and Tricks for Microsoft Surface Tablet

Many a times small tips or tricks make life much easier. Same applies for all electronic gadgets. It’s not  very long ago that Microsoft’s Surface tab was launched. For all those Microsoft enthusiasts who already own a Surface Tab, here is a list of tips, hints and registry tweaks for your Surface Tablet.

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