How to Hide Locking Patterns when Unlocking your Android Smartphone

As Smartphones get the conventional outlook in the lifestyle of the modern public, the features associated with them keep ascending with passing time. Thus, as the variety in applications catch the glimpse of public eyes, there are also other functionalities that are dished out along with these characteristic features.

It is a widespread approach to maintain security on these phones using various locking exercises that are presented by the phones. These can be having the ability to lock them using a specific PIN code or through a generic pattern approach with the user deciding the respective pattern. We have already had a view from this article as to how can an individual can know who tried to unlock the specific android device & input a wrong password, while an individual way away from the phone. This probably may have been the result that the password/pattern was initially seen by the other individual when the particular user accessed phone. Hence, how can we avoid this situation during such a scenario?
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