Utilize FullScroll Tweak & View any iOS App in Full Screen [Cydia Tweak]

Initially after the taller screen of the sixth-generation iPhone came into existence, the primary thing was to optimize the specific work of App Store and Cydia developers to suit the taller screen. Along these lines, several tweaks and tricks were developed that and assisted the users in the progress of viewing the entire display on screen. Also, there were various ones which offered the full screen mode.
There were several tweaks that provided the resultant functionalities with respect to this domain, however a new jailbreak app called as the FullScroll has bestowed a propitious medium to functionalize the same aspect of having a full screen mode for any app. Additionally this app is also responsible for making the title and the tool bar disappear from the phone’s screen. This has been developed by the Cydia developer Ryan Petrich.

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