How to Add or Edit Reject Call Messages on your Windows Phone 8

During the time that you are busy or caught up in some work, it is a difficult task to answer each and every call or message. In such cases, it is necessary to have a methodological way that the users can utilize to reject the call and send a message to the caller. Windows Phone 8 provides this beneficial aspect with respect to their devices. The following article describes the respective steps that the individual can utilize to perform this necessary action. The user will be dished out with default messages by this operation. If a user wants to customize these particular return messages, then the steps below indicate the step by step method in achieving this motive.
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How to Export All Multimedia Attachments in Message Threads [Cydia Hack]

Usually the stock Messaging app is an advantageous functionality for the iOS users; however there are a several reasons to oppose the same as well. It is a tedious task searching for media files in the various message threads, especially for individuals that have a plethora of messages existent in the inbox.

It is an eye opening possibility as to why the particularized search feature cannot be used for this specific purpose. It is because the search feature doesn’t work along with all the threads. Nevertheless a fantastic solution is available to the existent governing problem that assists the progress in simplifying the particular aspect. MediaExport is the released jailbreak tweak which assists the progress in completing the dedicated motive. This is done by simply presenting the respective images and videos that are saved in the messages; and allowing them to be saved with the option of sharing them later.MediaExport
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How to display App’s Quick Status on the Lock Screen on your Windows Phone 8

Usually it is an easy process to get all the notifications related with the particular applications. However, Windows Phone 8 provides a propitious way of functionalizing this aspect. This is by displaying these notifications on the lock screen. This approach is an efficient manner to receive all the updates quickly for you without even having you to unlock your particular device. This tutorial helps you to perform this operation like child’s play. Follow the steps to complete the dedicated task.
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How to Change the Email Sync Interval on WP8 device

Traditionally, everyone wishes to read their Emails as soon as they arrive. But, some people wish to check their Emails at regular intervals; for such people continuous syncing of Emails isn’t essential. The sync interval functionality in WP8 allows you to have a custom time interval when your Smartphone will fetch emails from the configured server. This helps you avert the case where you may miss the particularized mail which urgently required your response. Hence, having a syncing option suitable to our needs and producing the consistent results is a beneficial aspect indeed.

Note that continuous syncing of Emails result in faster battery draining on smartphones. Therefore to tackle this problem, you can specifically set up the work email only to sync at regular intervals while customizing the others accordingly to your needs. Thus you need to change the sync interval for each individual inbox. Furthermore, changing the settings associated with one specific inbox doesn’t result in changing the entire list of settings for the others.wp8
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How to Find your lost Windows Phone 8 device

Usually, finding your phone is a tedious task when you keep the device somewhere and later find it difficult to recollect where it was kept. Thus, Find My Phone feature must be enabled in such cases to discover your handset in such instances. Mostly this feature is always turned on during the time that the individual sets up the device, but in some instances it maybe manually turned off due to various reasons. Thus, using the tutorial below you can find the necessitated option from the method displayed below.
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How to use your iPhone Camera as Webcam

It is a common notion to utilize the camera for various purposes. Slowly and steadily as technological advancements surface up standing the test of time; the devices developed substantiate their claim as the best newer innovations. Along these lines, Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives and many users employ their device to utilize messenger-type apps, Skype etc. Thus, the camera aspect can be used to utilize the handset into a wireless webcam. However, the user will have to ensure that the iPhone application is running to utilize the iPhone as a webcam. Therefore, the user must install the drivers or client software on the computer so that it allows in receiving the video signal.
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How to Redownload the entire list of previously purchased Apps or Games on your Windows Phone 8

As apps and games present their arrival in the Store depending from time to time, the ease of use facilitated by these significant creations and disclosures engineer some fantastic proportionalities based on the intended targets. Slowly and steadily as apps are developed in almost all categories, the variety introduced by these innovations serve the user in a largesse way. These beneficial aspects dish out some optimum advantages during the time that these utilities are provided to the user.

However, a scenario may so arise that an individual just switches from one Windows Phone to another owing to different reasons and in such instances he/she will want to download all the apps or games that the user likes at regular intervals of time. Therefore, in such situations the user will want to find them in the Store and it may so happen that the particular individual doesn’t remember the specific names. Thus, this is a tedious task and accessing the repository of previously purchased apps and games can prove advantageous in such circumstances. Utilizing the referential purchase history from the   Windows account and installing the respective apps in plethora from there will serve profitable in every regard. Thus, described below is a process to facilitate the same.
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How to Hide or Disable WhatsApp “Last Seen” Timestamp On iPhone

WhatsApp has proved to be a significant utility over the course of time. The messaging platform, one of the major successes of the App Store has accrued its way to become an integral part of every user’s lives and is currently the widely used messaging service amongst several users. The gained popularity, higher user base stems from the easy to use functionalities while providing the optimum benefits along these lines. Additionally, it’s highly beneficial for the cross platform messaging peripherals and substantiates a benediction for the users in its own fashionable way.
During the time that updates are functionalized on the platform as with respect to its working, there are some areas which need some thoughtful awareness in the current situation. The fact about the privacy issue stemming forth from the “Last Seen” appearance is a concerning display considering from the privacy point of view. It is also a handy source of information pertaining to the particular user, however it can have its own detrimental effects over the course of time. Hence, a solution has been dished out to improve over such resulting problem causable scenario by hiding or disabling the Timestamp so that other users can’t see when you were last active on the application.WhatsAppLastSeen

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How to get HTC One Clock and Weather Widget on iPhone

Traditionally, it’s a common discussion to involve differences between Android and iOS and later present out the advantages and disadvantages associated with the respective platforms. Every individual has his/her own opinion which is catered across the debate to willingly put away the point with a positive resultant impact. In such cases, it is imperative to understand that each platform will have its fair pros and cons which will be supplemented by the respective users. However, usually widgets are the fascinating set of things the iOS users lose on their respective handsets and there was no provision previously to exactly replicate another Android device’s widget onto their specific handset. But, slowly and steadily as technological advancements paved ways to improve the quality of life and ease user’s functionalities; thereupon came into existence the marvelous perspective of Jailbreak.

With the aspect of jailbreaking, the iOS users can take benefit of such a tweak to facilitate the necessary operation of installing HTC One X’s weather and clock widget on their respective device. Coming up through the years, Cydia constitutes for a plethora of Sense UI inspired themes which are resident in the repositories for the jailbroken devices. Along these lines, the HTC One X version has also been made available for the jailbroken iPhones.

HTC One Widget
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Utilize FakePercent and Fake your iPhone Battery Percentage

An amazing tweak, yet as funny and proving as a prank to be utilized on various phones. Such is the tweak called FakePercent. The fact that it is available for free ascends the entertainment levels a notch higher and it presents out an enjoyable aspect to the overall scenario. A gladdening tweak that serves as the perfect fit for changing the battery percentage levels to any number as and what you desire. This can be changed to a single digit or 4 numerical digits as dependent on the user’s wish. The individual just has to type and the particular thing will be saved on the device. Thus, it acts as an effective manner to fake the battery percentage. Along these lines, the user can set the percentage to be 100%, when at that actual instance there is only 5% battery left. It is construed to be working on iPhones and iPods upto the latest firmware.

Even though it is an old tweak, the consistent updating of the respective tweak has resulted in the fun being relived at any instance supplementing a convivial approach for its users. The only point to be noted is that the tweak requires a Jailbroken phone. This is because it is a Cydia tweak and is available on the Cydia’s BigBoss repository, free of charge for jailbroken devices.FakePercent
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