[How to] Root and Install TWRP Recovery on HTC Droid DNA


Previously we saw how to unlock the bootloader of HTC Droid DNA. Once it is done, the next step is to root it. Now, the rooting procedure of Droid DNA is a bit different. First the TWRP custom recovery is installed and then the phone is rooted. Rooting the phone will enable the user to install custom ROMs, custom kernels, introduce various tweaks, etc.

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[How to] Unlock Bootloader of HTC Droid DNA


Droid DNA is one of the best phones from HTC. Previously, it’s bootloader was easily unlockable through HTCdev.com. But later it’s support was taken off. But the developers have found out a way to unlock it. So the users wanting to unlock the bootloader of the HTC Droid DNA can follow the steps given below. Follow the procedure only if you have full knowledge of what you are doing. If the instructions are not followed properly, then it may brick the device.

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Leaked photos and specification of HTC Deluxe DLX

There were several broadcastments previously giving an account on the exclusive HTC Droid DNA. The hearsays reported beforehand on the various disclosures that were presented to the public eye and the glimpse that the leaks provided on the Verizon-exclusive HTC Droid DNA. It was manifested from the resulting stories that there would be no name change, and a similar variant will surface up.

The tidings that have been presented out through pictorial descriptions highlight the aspect of the HTC Deluxe DLX. These have been understood to be leaked to GSMArena.

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