[How To] Install Official CM 11 ROM on the Nexus 4

The CyanogenMod team have started rolling out their Android KitKat builds for various devices. The CM 11 ROMs are still in nightly stages but CyanogenMod features on Android 4.4 is certainly a must have combination on any device. The Nexus 4 first received a M snapshot build but nightly builds are being rolled out now for constant bug fixes and additional features.

The Nexus 4 recently received Android 4.4.2 update from Google along with the other current batch of Nexus devices. The CyanogenMod team would surely try to merge it in their builds as soon as possible along with other new features. We had already seen how to install this ROM on the Nexus 5. Follow the below steps to install it on the Nexus 4.

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