[How to] Install Paranoid Android ROM 3.99 (Android 4.3) on Nexus 4

Paranoid Android (PA) recently updated their Halo feature to the 2.0 version. This feature of the PA ROMs has been lauded for it’s multitasking abilities and uniqueness. The update brings about significant changes that further enhance the multitasking experience for users. The floating button now shows full notifications after tapping it which allows user to use notification bar apps without having to exit the current application.

The Nexus 4 originally came with Android 4.2 but later an Android 4.3 update was made available for it. We will now learn how to install Paranoid Android 3.99 (Android 4.3), that features the Halo 2.0, on the Nexus 4. We have already seen the steps in installing a previous Paranoid Android ROM on the Nexus 4. The procedure in installing the latest PA is almost similar with only a few additional steps involved.

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