[How to] Install Xperia Z2 apps on CM based ROMs

One of the major positives of having an Android device is the heavy customization that can be done due to the open source nature of the OS. If you don’t like a UI or you are bored of it, you can easily change it as there are loads of apps available on the Play Store. And if you are a rooted user, installing different mods becomes even more easier.

The Xperia series is known to have one of the best UI and XDA member Jishnu Sur has managed to port some of the apps of the Z2 to CM based ROMs. Some apps ported are – Xperia Home, Easy Home, Walkman, Movies, Album, Notes, Sketch, Xperia Keyboard, Smart Connect, Xperia Lounge, Social Life, News, Tools, Widgets, Walkman Widget, Weather Widget and Sony Xperia Z2 Livewallpaper. Follow the instructions given below to try this mod on CM based ROMs.


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