Solve Memory Insufficient problem by Increasing Internal Memory with INT2EXT script

Internal storage space is a constant problem for every Smartphone user. All android users must have faced a moment when you can’t install apps due to lack of storage in the internal memory. Of course, there is an option to move the app to SD card, but that puts you in a disadvantage as you cannot create widgets for the apps that you’ve transferred to SD card. There are various apps in the market that do help you in expanding the internal memory like Link2SD. But a major disadvantage of Link2SD is that you’ve to move the apps to SD-EXT manually which is a tedious task.

Here is a script for increasing your internal memory by making an SD card partition. It is called as INT2EXT scripts and is developed by XDA’s Recognized Developer¬†croniccorey. This script is only for rooted devices and ROMs that have support for init.d. Here is a short tutorial to apply and use this script.
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