How to Calculate the amount of Space taken by an App on your iOS Device

During the time that we evolve to use smarter devices that eventually develop slowly and steadily, the variety of features provided just keep ascending with every new revelation. Additionally, various applications get significant changes implemented in their versions as newer and better updates roll by. Hence, some of these new added features can increase the size of the application and then this specific app consumes lot of space on the particular device.


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How to Disable Unwanted App Notifications on iOS 5 and iOS 6

Apple’s App store features almost a Million apps. With such a wide variety you tend to just randomly download some apps that you rarely use. The problem with having many apps is that they keep flooding you with notifications. You’re notification area is often filled with useless notifications from apps that you rarely use. That can get annoying to continuously see these notifications. However, there is a method by which you can avoid the fuss created by these pesky notifications. This method is extremely easy and is described as below.

It is often irritating when your Notification center in your iPhone/iPad/iTouch is filled with notifications like this.


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