Android towers above dominating the tablet market share and revenue over Apple [Reports]

According to an analysis report published by IDC, it is viewable that Android devices have prominently gained supremacy over Apple’s iOS devices to achieve a larger share of the market in terms of revenue. It is displayable that Android revenue share has propelled to 46.2% in 3Q13, where in the process it has managed to surpass the iPad share of 45.6%. During this period, it is seen that Android’s unit share has arose and grown to 66.7%. This is quite a rise from the 58.5% which appeared a year ago.

It can be seen that Android’s share has seen an ascension to 66.7% from 58.5% that was present a year ago. On the contrary, it is seen that iPad’s share has fallen down to 29.7% from the 40.2% that was existing previously.” Android’s share encompassed of devices released by various manufacturers, notably including Samsung and Lenovo.Android-Apple Continue reading

Leaked images of iPad 5 Front Panel and Digitizer Assembly appear Online [Rumors]

Previously during April this year, we had seen several leaks and rumors surface up which highlighted pictorial depictions of white front panel from Apple’s fifth-generation iPad and over the course of time it was revealed that the iPad 5 will mark its arrival as a larger iPad mini than its current appearance. There were also instances wherein several photos displayed the iPad having narrower side bezels.

Also, a video had come into sight which displayed the next-generation iPad’s front panel along-with digitizer which tags along with a rear shell.ipad-5-digitizer-front Continue reading

Notable Changes that arrive with the released iOS 7 Beta 5 for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch [VIDEO]

Over the past few weeks, we have Apple releasing out several beta iterations of the upcoming iOS 7 and at present it is reported that Apple has seeded out the iOS 7 beta 5 to developers just a while ago. This latest update arrives after the release of beta 4 and the company appears to be making significant advancements with respect to their newest mobile operating system.

Currently the iOS 7 Beta 5 is available for all the registered Apple developers via the Dev Center and OTA. The individuals are allowed to install this by visiting the Software Update section in the Settings app. This can be performed on proper devices which currently employ iOS 7.

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Download iOS 7 Beta 3 For iPhone 5, 4S, 4, iPad, iPad mini, iPod touch [Devs Only]

In the days gone, several beta versions have surfaced up and been made available to the developers. It’s already been a month since the iOS 7 beta 1 was broadcasted out, and with subsequent developments taking place consistently the work is being done appropriately. Before expected time Apple has released the iOS 7 beta 3 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Thus this is a beneficial availability for the people who are signed up to the company’s dev program for checking the progress over the course of time.


It’s been a mixed response so far with respect to iOS 7 and with the some notable changes and available features that have presented their arrival; and as we look forward to various developments associated with incremental beta versions, it is regarded that these builds will enhance as further reinforcements apply through. However, the initial fallacies, imperfections and issues will be existent in the underlying beta versions and as usual Apple will have to ensure that the released set of versions meet the company’s impeccable standards.
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How to Invert Screen Colors on your iPhone, iPad and iPod

Customization is an advantageous aspect when concerned with applying themes. This can also be understood to be in conjunction with performing other tips and tricks to provide a source of customizable features on the devices. There a plethora of beneficiaries that can help towards improving this particular aspect on your iOS devices. These can be made available from the Accessibility area. Along these lines, Invert Colors is another propitious option which helps in changing the appearance of the screen of your iOS device. Thus the following article presents a systematic procedure to assist your progress in inverting the screen colors of your iOS devices.iPhone
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How to Setup a Custom Popup message on your iPhone & iPad

Jailbroken devices provide a propitious way for facilitating new tips and tricks on your device. It is indeed a beneficial aspect as the user can employ a plethora of customized features, characterizations onto the device. During such instances, another such advantageous possibility will be to have a custom message popup welcoming you when you turn on your device. This feature can be availed with the help of a Cydia tweak which allows you to employ a welcome message on your iDevice.

WelcomeMe provides a feature to set up any custom message that you want. Thus whenever the iPhone or iPad turns on or re-springs, this particular message gets displayable to your eyes.iDevices
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How to Sync Google Calendar with iPhone, iPad and iPod

Traditionally Google Calendar has been the commonly used application for the Android users. This particular functionality is very useful in keeping track of various information and other appointments, events etc. There are various alternatives provided for the iPhone users but facilitating the Google Calendar on the iPhone requires a series of innumerable steps. This involves right away from setting up the Apple device to enabling Google Sync with the provided aspect. This is due to the fact that iPhone’s Calendar application is the primary attributed app which is resident on the iPhone. Hence, explained below are the steps to facilitate this aspect and complete the intended task.sync-google-calendar-with-iphone-and-ipad
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How to Sync iCal with iPhone, iPad and iPod

The calendar app serves the purpose for scheduling appointments, reminders, notes and other information saved for the user’s benefit. Usually, Google calendar services the aspect in this purpose but there are plenty of alternatives to use which can provide the necessitated functionality in a better way to the users. This can depend from individuals to individuals. iCal aids in assisting as the calendar application on the iPhone, iPad and iPod. Supporting swipe gestures and easy facility for addition of events, appointments; it employs an important approach for keeping track of the schedule in an organized way. There are various options dished out to sync the iCal on the respective device. This can be done via iTunes with a data connection or by utilizing iCloud.iCal
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Enable Custom Gestures and Shortcuts on iPhone, iPod and iPad Mini using Activator

All apple devices like iPhone, iPod and iPad mini are great devices with a smooth user experience. However one thing all apple users miss is customization of their device. However, Jailbreaking your device broadens your options. Many tweaks, MODs are available to tame these exceptional devices. Jailbreaking opens you doors to the world of customization of your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch.

Often you wish that you had some way to introduce some gestures and actions that will perform certain pre-defined functions. Wouldn’t it be great to perform some simple functions like taking a screenshot at the flick of a wrist! What if you could switch apps by just tapping 3 fingers on your screen. Yes, this may seem incredulous but nevertheless the truth. With the tweak called activator you can train your device to perform actions of your choice in response to gestures.

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How to Backup the iPad files to your computer

Usually it’s an easy approach which is dedicated for syncing the iPad to manage various apps, videos, other music libraries, camera roll, playlists, etc via iTunes. The operation is performed in an easier manner every time and the dedicated task is facilitated comfortably. However, the usual aspect is exhibited in an uncomplicated manner but back up the respective files from the iPad to PC is a conundrum for the users. This is because the iTunes doesn’t have an option to complete the intended task.

As we have moved forward with respect to time, there has been a considerable improvement in the aggrandization of disclosures that are dished out for the consumers. Along these lines, iCloud is the resultant functionality which can aid in backing up files to the PC. However, the list of associated problems never ceases when considered in reference to this functionality. There are problems persistent like upgradation needed to iOS 5 or higher or payment for the space exceeded 5G etc. Thus, having a source acting as a perfect solution is of significant importance. Syncios iPad Transfer is used to facilitate the same.manage-ipad-files Syncios

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