Glimpse of an iPhone game on the statuesque screen of iPhone 5 – A marketing attempt?

As the leaks are resolute, we have already seen the persevering rumors about the parts, front panels and various other leaks go off the limit before the launch. The taller screen was an instrumentality as a spot table difference from the old model.

iPhone 5 game demonstration

A 99 cent App on the Apple Appstore and seems totally worth it considering it is simple, easy, fun, and an addictive game. The developer of Ninja Fish demonstrated a video on the next generation considering the determinant of this App’s view on the taller screen of iPhone 5. He also claims, that its the World’s first iPhone 5 game!

Though a publicity seeking stunt, there are no concrete justifications from the developer about the regard for the illustration of iPhone 5’s description or depth in knowledge of iPhone 5, but the depiction just acts as a perspective to draw a rough inference on how games would be spectacled on the speculated larger screen of the next-generation iPhone..