Intimation that the NFC chip is an EarPiece Speaker; possibly NO NFC on the New iPhone 5

The hoopla broadens around the horizon so consistently and escalates with every passing day. The rumors have been a habitual phenomenon of everyday’s routine. Every jabber, suppositions just magnifies every aspect about the next-gen iPhone. In the days gone by, Macotakara: the Japanese blog had reported information on the front panel of the phone depicting the square feature being related to NFC.

iPhone 5 Earpiece Speaker

The above pictorial depiction enlightens the front panel i.e. assembled with earpiece bracket removed.

Pretty soon as the proliferating news becomes hearsay, bright and early magnifying that the iPhone 5 will contain NO NFC. By observing the item and considering proper assumptions, it is clear that the part which was confused for the NFC is of an earpiece speaker and communication with Repairlabs confirms the same. Though forewarnings also pointed out at NO NFC in the iPhone with narrations from The Loop as telecasted differently from other reports.

iPhone 5 Earpiece Speaker removed

There is certain few front-page news or eye-openers setting particularization on the situation trending. Also to support the same, are photos illustrating the square bracket removal which characteristically gives a partial view of earpiece speaker as broadcasted through the photos that were revealed to us from the potential leaks that keep surfacing up.

Speakerphone on Apple products

Rumour: iPhone 5 does NOT incorporate NFC

The speculations keep flowing, the suppositions flying, and the scuttle-butts catching innuendo. It’s all happening, a collective force capable enough to upset the excitement on the arrival of the next-gen iPhone. The back-fence talk behind the scenes before the arrival is certainly catching up more than the highlighted iPhone 5. These tidings have already rumbled a dummy image and look and feel of the iPhone just anteriorly to upcoming launch on September 12. More than generating interests about the official launch, there have been dispatchments of these constructing rumors on the same.

The part of the iPhone panel which was mistaken for the NFC tag

The upcoming technology called NFC (Near Field Communication) is said to be interjected from the next gen iPhone. As previous hearsays from Japanese blog Macotakara surfaced that NFC was part of device, a rigorous extensive analysis of the features of iPhone was performed by Anandtech. With the results officiated from the substantiation and the definitive tests, a case was ostentatiously displayed as to why NFC is a skeptical feature and moot able enough to not come to light and materialize in the new device.