Reports indicate September launch of the iPad 5, Apple “still adjusting” new iPad mini

With reports emerging from DigiTimes, it is understood that Apple is set to release the fifth-generation 9.7-inch iPad in September. According to reports, it is regarded that the device is rumored to be based on the design principles of the iPad mini. Thus it is understood that it is slated to arrive with narrower side bezels and a thinner body.iPad-in-hands-two-up-iPad-iPad-mini
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Download iOS 7 Beta 2 For iPhone 5, 4S, 4, iPod touch 5 [Devs Only]

Today, Apple has officially released the iOS 7 beta 2 for developers. This second beta for testing is now available for download. This update can be acquired from Apple’s over-the-air updating system on iOS devices and eventually will be posted soon to the iOS Dev Center.

Previously, Apple released the first beta version of iOS 7 and it was made available to developers after its unveilment at the company’s Worldwide Developers Conference. This availability helped a great deal for the developers who concentrated on making software for the operating system and also who wanted to get hands-on experience with the new-fangled revamped software.ios_7_beta_2
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Ladies and Gentlemen: Here we present to you “Underpants for your iPhone”

Traditionally, accessories constitute to be a very important part of consumer’s lives. These serve as the end factors in dishing out the necessary easy to use experience for the users while also cultivating to serve a vital presence with respect to the handset. Every accessory is unique and this is accompanied with an amalgamation of technologies that enriches the overall aspect and improves the standard of living for the user.

During the time that iPhone revolutionizes its presence as an integral part and parcel of consumer’s life situations; an interesting set of developments has surfaced up. These dispatchments have the potential to amaze each and every individual leaving them awestruck with the kind of revelation that is in store for the particular masses. According to various hearsays and reports coming in for various corners, it is construed that very soon the consumers will have SmartPants for their iPhone. This is notably regarded as a smart underpant for your iPhone.smartphone-underpants
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How to Play PowerPoint PPT presentations on iPhone 5 (as video)

We are all aware of the specifications rendered out by iPhone. As rumours surfaced up before its arrival in the market, the significant developments that were related to it propelled it exactly as the handheld device was expected to be. The positives and the negatives related to the device were dished out and comparisons with other competitors flowed in with every passing instance. The specifications were a good measure of the phone however the notable drawback was absence of NFC (Near field communication). Another disadvantage included by the fact that the user cannot use the handset as a PowerPoint viewer. This was a missing piece in the entire jigsaw puzzle.

The facilitation of this aspect is advantageous for the working professionals. There are other methods available which employ certain apps for playing PowerPoint on iPhone 5. Otherwise there are certain PowerPoint alternatives which can be used to PowerPoint on iPhone 5 flawlessly. Converting PowerPoint to iPhone 5 is only approach that succeeds in playing PowerPoint on iPhone 5. Amidst the availabilities of varieties of ways, the single approach that stands out from the rest is utilizing the Moyea PPT to Video Converter. The employment of this will help the individuals in the conversion of PowerPoint on iPhone 5.Moyea  PPT to Video Converter Continue reading

Discontinue the Advertisers from Tracking your iPhone

As Smartphones become a standout handset for the economic sector of the society, there are various transactions performed by plentiful applications. During such instances, personal data from a user is exchanged on various third party apps or other applications that have those annoying pop-ups. The resultant mission of such operation is that these activities are performed by the advertisers to lure out money through various mediums. In such cases, privacy becomes a major issue related with these irritating pop-ups and the advertisers trying to fetch information from the users by other means.

The technological age keeps developing day by day and Smartphones are the traditional entities that provision out their way for the ease of use in life or simplifying the arduous tasks by implementing them through the features of the

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Bamboozling Apple maps- The lost case of the unparalleled geographies

There have been consistent disappointments expressed from various corners on the flak Apple’s new maps have received. However, the only glimmer of light in this doomed situation is at least now Apple can trigger a competition. A assemblage of half baked maps were dished out by the Apple which replaced Google maps in iOS 6 highlighting’s it’s functionality as hardly mature product. The primarily important reason that is noted here is that these maps were produced to grab a strange-hold of the Apple faithful and the loyal descent of this family.

So its a Lost Mapportunity or a tale of unparalleled geographies? Only Time will Tell!

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First Look at iPhone 5 Unboxing [Photos and Video]

In the wake of the launch of the next generation iPhone, there have been en-sphering stories from both set of people. The Apple fans went gaga over it admittedly displaying their loyalty to the brand and wanting to buy this newly launched phone; while others who prefer others who prefer other OS’s, think value for money, Apple haters went as usual criticizing Apple’s new device. Continue reading

iPhone 5: A Major Letdown or a Small Improvement?

After the conclusion of the lackluster announcement of the new generation iPhone, there were loads of hear-says and opinions for and against iPhone 5. Before the launch, we already had seen the consistent suppositions run through our brainy cells over and over again highlighting and describing a plethora of information on the upcoming phone.

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