Olloclip launches a new 3-in-1 photo lens for Apple’s iPhone 5c [Images]

Olloclip has introduced a new accessory for the iPhone 5c owners. The recent itemization serves as a timely arrival for the holiday period. The makers of popular clip-on iPhone lens kits have revealed a newfangled 3-in-1 photo lens, which has been designed specifically for the iPhone 5c.5c-olloclip-
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Apple announces the iPhone 5c: A colorful and budget version of the iPhone 5s

Apple today launched for the first time ever, two iPhones at the same event: the iPhone 5c along with the iPhone 5s. The 5s is going to be Apple’s flagship device whereas the 5c will be a less expensive, toned downed version of it. And unsurprisingly as previously mentioned, it will be available in a variety of colors with a polycarbonate plastic back.

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Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5C to be available in 4 colors, graphite iPhone 5S shell displayable online [Rumors]

As we advance forward to the launch date of the upcoming iPhone 5S, we are presented with newer reports that highlight the arrival of the iPhone 5S and 5C. The details just keep trickling in and at present we are viewable to the devices’s rumored colors which are set to arrive with the unveilment of the device. These pictorial depictions represent the iPhone 5S chassis and the information has been obtained from a post on the popular Chinese micro-blogging site.iPhone-5S-graphite-gold Continue reading

Apple’s iPhone 5S and 5C expected to be launched in Japan and Greece on September 20 [Reports]

Based on reports released by a prominent Japanese business newspaper Nikkei, it has been revealed that the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C will be officially launched on September 20 in Japan and Greece. The event is expected to begin on Friday, after which several handsets are expected to be revealed.

Usually this is a traditional way of unveiling handsets, which has been further proved by Apple’s history. It is noted that the devices will be announced on the September 10 and according to reports, it is regarded that SoftBank and KDDI will be handling the sales of the iPhone 5S and 5C.
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Nokia takes on Apple’s “Photos Every Day” Ad to highlight iPhone’s poor low-light camera performance

The camera performance of the iPhone 5 is generally considered exceptional as compared to the iPhone 4S/4 in low-light conditions. However, with the advent in technology we have seen several camera phones or phone cameras arrive providing exceptional camera specifications with different functionalities. Along these lines, the high-end Lumia smartphones have traditionally been regarded as the best mobile imaging devices that provide an amazing camera to play around with and considering the superiority level and the dominance with respect to their functionality, Nokia has gone a step further and released out a series of ads which criticize Apple relatively poor low-light performance in comparison to Nokia’s PureView range.

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Supposed images of Golden iPhone leak online [Rumors]

Based on reports disclosed by TechCrunch, it has been displayable that the rumored iPhone is slated to arrive in gold. The itemized information arrives after we have witnessed several leaks and rumors regarding the iPhone 5S which is speculated to arrive in this new color.

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Utilize the Actapaper Cydia Tweak & Save Links to Instapaper

Actapaper is a jailbreak utility wherein a user is allowed to send links with the help of an Activator action. A tweak aimed for improving productivity, Instapaper is beneficial for saving and copy links to Instapaper.

Just after you launch the particular app, you can view a pop up dialogue that confirms Instapaper’s resource for auto detection of the clipboard for links. And using Actapaper, this operation isn’t need to be done frequently. You will simply need to copy the links which you want to save and once you complete the activator option, then this task gets done!
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Change your iMessage Phone Number on iPhone

Traditionally, iCloud has been a helpful utility for various iOS users. Besides iCloud, Apple integrating iMessage has also been an advantageous facility. The tool has been very popular with Apple users and it is an easy procedure to change the iMessage phone number during the time that individuals change numbers using same carrier or switch to a different carrier. The following post explains how such a task can be performed in the easiest of manners.iMessage on iPhone Continue reading

Customize the iOS Calendar App using the NCCalendar+ Cydia Tweak

Previously users have observed several discrepancies in relation to the stock iOS Calendar app. There have been instances where users have complained regarding this stock app not allowing customization for events listed along time frame in the Notification Center. Overall there was a listing of maximum 10 items which represented a limited time frame of certain events. NCCalendar+ provides complete provisioning of calendars and calendar events which can be displayable in Notification Center (NC).NCCalendar+ Continue reading

Notable Changes that arrive with the released iOS 7 Beta 5 for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch [VIDEO]

Over the past few weeks, we have Apple releasing out several beta iterations of the upcoming iOS 7 and at present it is reported that Apple has seeded out the iOS 7 beta 5 to developers just a while ago. This latest update arrives after the release of beta 4 and the company appears to be making significant advancements with respect to their newest mobile operating system.

Currently the iOS 7 Beta 5 is available for all the registered Apple developers via the Dev Center and OTA. The individuals are allowed to install this by visiting the Software Update section in the Settings app. This can be performed on proper devices which currently employ iOS 7.

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