Take advantage of Google Maps and Siri without Jailbreaking your iPhone

The announcements have stated its arrival & finally the re-introduction has surfaced up through various dispatchments. There is a widespread telecasting of their incorporation into the iOS again. Yes, the particularization itemization that is talked about is none other than Google Maps. Acting as front-page news through the various headlines, it has come to public’s eye that Google Maps  has returned in the iTunes Store.

During the time that they have been accounted as a replacement for the Apple’s iOS Maps, it has been found to be understood that these maps can be facilitated to work with Siri without even  jailbreaking the particular device.Google maps

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Web Usage Round: Apple’s iPhone 5 1-0 Samsung Galaxy SIII

After the advancements ascended through after the launching of both phones, iPhone 5 & Samsung Galaxy S3 respectively were surfaced up in a tug of war with respect to consideration that which was the dominant force upon its arrival.  As expected the Apple haters escalated their voice over the next generation phone not efficient to be compared to the other competitive forces in the market whereas the other loyal Apple fans justified their long terming serving with Apple’s products by placing orders for the new arrival.

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