Download iOS 7 Beta 3 For iPhone 5, 4S, 4, iPad, iPad mini, iPod touch [Devs Only]

In the days gone, several beta versions have surfaced up and been made available to the developers. It’s already been a month since the iOS 7 beta 1 was broadcasted out, and with subsequent developments taking place consistently the work is being done appropriately. Before expected time Apple has released the iOS 7 beta 3 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Thus this is a beneficial availability for the people who are signed up to the company’s dev program for checking the progress over the course of time.


It’s been a mixed response so far with respect to iOS 7 and with the some notable changes and available features that have presented their arrival; and as we look forward to various developments associated with incremental beta versions, it is regarded that these builds will enhance as further reinforcements apply through. However, the initial fallacies, imperfections and issues will be existent in the underlying beta versions and as usual Apple will have to ensure that the released set of versions meet the company’s impeccable standards.
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Teardown of New 16 GB iPod Touch discloses some Internal Changes

Slowly and steadily as innovations present their arrival in the realms of possibilities, the amount of disclosures that are available keep ascending with every passing arrival. We saw the launch of Apple’s new 16 GB iPod touch previously, now we are have presented with some eye-opening divulgence with respect to the teardown of this specific entity. The teardown experts at iFixit have substantiated a claim producing an effort on representing how this specified revelation differs internally from its larger-capacity siblings.ipod touch 5-16gb teardown
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Apple Launches New 16 GB iPod Touch without Rear Camera for $229

Apple today announced the launch of a new 16 GB fifth-generation model to its iPod lineup. This revelation is bestowed without a rear camera and is available for a price for $229. This disclosure is only available with a black front and silver back and thus it replaces the specified fourth-generation iPod touch. That model was the generally used model that was existent during the time of new models late last year. This revelation is now available in the Apple’s online store and it should be made available across the company’s retail stores starting from tomorrow.
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Enable Custom Gestures and Shortcuts on iPhone, iPod and iPad Mini using Activator

All apple devices like iPhone, iPod and iPad mini are great devices with a smooth user experience. However one thing all apple users miss is customization of their device. However, Jailbreaking your device broadens your options. Many tweaks, MODs are available to tame these exceptional devices. Jailbreaking opens you doors to the world of customization of your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch.

Often you wish that you had some way to introduce some gestures and actions that will perform certain pre-defined functions. Wouldn’t it be great to perform some simple functions like taking a screenshot at the flick of a wrist! What if you could switch apps by just tapping 3 fingers on your screen. Yes, this may seem incredulous but nevertheless the truth. With the tweak called activator you can train your device to perform actions of your choice in response to gestures.

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AppGratis: Cash in on Paid-to-Free Apps daily on your iOS device

With the ascension that is achieved with respect to app development, the utility provided by individual apps is of judicious use considering the specific functionalities that are furnished out for the users. Slowly and steadily each passing day, there are certain revelations that are presented out and that cover widespread dimensions in the current sector. Each app has its utility and this is facilitated in the best way by that particular application. Thus, the various apps on the Smartphones end up simplifying life and improve the ease of use in an individual’s life.

Providing a app that conjoins every category into a manifested package is of considerable importance when the users can facilitate this aspect to experience better categorical outlooks concerning fields like lifestyle, fitness, games, and photography or productivity.App gratis
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How to Calculate the amount of Space taken by an App on your iOS Device

During the time that we evolve to use smarter devices that eventually develop slowly and steadily, the variety of features provided just keep ascending with every new revelation. Additionally, various applications get significant changes implemented in their versions as newer and better updates roll by. Hence, some of these new added features can increase the size of the application and then this specific app consumes lot of space on the particular device.


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