How to Invert Screen Colors on your iPhone, iPad and iPod

Customization is an advantageous aspect when concerned with applying themes. This can also be understood to be in conjunction with performing other tips and tricks to provide a source of customizable features on the devices. There a plethora of beneficiaries that can help towards improving this particular aspect on your iOS devices. These can be made available from the Accessibility area. Along these lines, Invert Colors is another propitious option which helps in changing the appearance of the screen of your iOS device. Thus the following article presents a systematic procedure to assist your progress in inverting the screen colors of your iOS devices.iPhone
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How to Use CalDAV on iPhone to Sync Google Calendar without Exchange

It was a major surprise when Google put an end to the regarding the support it provided for Exchange ActiveSync on all the platforms except Android. This was disclosed out with respect to an announcement made recently. It was a detrimental development for the iOS users due to the fact that plenty users were employing this service on stock iOS apps. This operation was done in order to sync their Gmail, Google contacts and calendar data in sync with other devices. However, if the user manages to set up CardDAV on his/her iPhone, iPad and iPod touch the individual is allowed to sync Google contacts on these respective iOS devices. The procedure below dishes out a guide on how to sync your calendar data to Gmail / Google ID using the CalDAV protocol.
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How to Sync iCal with iPhone, iPad and iPod

The calendar app serves the purpose for scheduling appointments, reminders, notes and other information saved for the user’s benefit. Usually, Google calendar services the aspect in this purpose but there are plenty of alternatives to use which can provide the necessitated functionality in a better way to the users. This can depend from individuals to individuals. iCal aids in assisting as the calendar application on the iPhone, iPad and iPod. Supporting swipe gestures and easy facility for addition of events, appointments; it employs an important approach for keeping track of the schedule in an organized way. There are various options dished out to sync the iCal on the respective device. This can be done via iTunes with a data connection or by utilizing iCloud.iCal
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Enter Temple Run 2: The widely popular game gets a sequel (available on the App Store)

Every individual has run for his life jumping over obstacles, wading through challenges, jumping hurdles and collecting coins along the course of time. Of course everybody has played Temple Run! Moving fingers across touchscreen swiftly & fast enough was a common sight foreseen upon when every user played this amazing game.

As long as we are treated to new apps and games, the set of features provided along with each passing revelation continue an aggrandizing trend over the course of their launch. It is a general consensus that Temple Run was one of the most enjoyable, captivating and addictive game amongst the set of games dished out for the enthusiastic gamers lot. Slowly and steadily as Temple Run gathered success, popularity gained by the game is not comparable to any games similar to such specific game style.

Temple Screen 2 Screenshot
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