Utilize the Actapaper Cydia Tweak & Save Links to Instapaper

Actapaper is a jailbreak utility wherein a user is allowed to send links with the help of an Activator action. A tweak aimed for improving productivity, Instapaper is beneficial for saving and copy links to Instapaper.

Just after you launch the particular app, you can view a pop up dialogue that confirms Instapaper’s resource for auto detection of the clipboard for links. And using Actapaper, this operation isn’t need to be done frequently. You will simply need to copy the links which you want to save and once you complete the activator option, then this task gets done!
Navigating to the settings app, you are allowed to save the particular account credentials for allowing the tweak to login into your account and saving there. The user also has the option to choose the preferred activation method.Actapapertweak Continue reading

Utilize InstaLauncher Jailbreak Tweak and Open different iPhone Apps in Less Than 500 Milliseconds

Want to check apps without performing the tedious operations of searching through pages or folders?

Surely simplified functionality is the key when associated with multi-tasking operations. A jailbreak tweak in the form of InstaLauncher can prove to be an advantageous option for incorporating and assessing apps without getting into the annoying process. This tweak called InstaLauncher has been developed by Jonathan Winger Lang and this utility provides significant benefits with the features that it brings along with it.InstaLauncher Continue reading

Download and View Vine Videos Offline

Since the time it has been released, Vine has served as a beneficial utility for the users. But, the app requires internet connectivity to work with and users are provided with no option when the user wants to download Vine videos for offline use. Currently users are allowed to share these particularized videos within the individual’s own account or users have the facility to post these on to Twitter.

During the time that users want Vine videos offline, a jailbreak tweak called VineDownloader presents a beneficial utility for the users. As such no complex Settings or configuration will be required and the normal features of Vine keep working efficiently.VineDownloader Continue reading

Customize your Twitter Sharing Text from Safari

Some circumstances may arise where-in you would want to customize the share text which usually appears during the time that you share a link from Safari using Twitter. In such cases, having a simplified utility will help in proving to be a resourceful measure.

SafariSharePatcher, a new jailbreak tweak is the utility which helps in performing the user’s ntended operation. Because it is a beta tweak, currently this tweak isn’t yet available on the default Cydia repos. The users are allowed to customize text with the option of the preference panel located in the settings app.
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Apparently Jailbroken iOS 7 Beta spotted online [Image]

Previously we have seen the Evad3rs team present out an Evasi0n jailbreak tool for the users. This information was further confirmed by the appearance of a screenshot posted by seasoned developer Ryan Petrich. This highlights a significant road regarding the jailbreak on iOS 7. Currently no details have been disclosed in reference to the same; however we have seen a pictorial depiction of jailbroken iOS 7 beta running on iPod touch 5. This image appeared on Twitter initially. At this instance, things cannot be legitimately confirmed, but it is understood that we can assure you that things look really very promising indeed.

Predominantly there have been various rumors and leaks that have surfaced up consistently before every new version of iOS; although it is a common understanding that the untethered breaks get released much before the official release is out.iOS-7-logo
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Download and Install Beta Translucent Keyboard On iOS 6

At present iOS 7 beta is the talk of the town and this has been the hot topic currently. When such tidings have surfaced up, it is important to note the awesome keyboard that presents its arrival along-with the other colourful icons.

The peculiar aspect that stands out in is the facilitation of ever-so-subtle transparency which characterizes the much needed layering to the experience. This was the word that was emphasized upon when the announcement was officially made. There was a system to turn iOS into something a little more modern than iOS 6.iOS-7-keyboard-on-iOS-6
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How To Restore iOS 6.1.2 Device Without Losing Jailbreak [Video Tutorial]

With reports trickling in from various sources, the general understanding that has surfaced up is that the existent jailbreak state isn’t a good one. It is a known fact that currently the A5+ devices cannot be jailbroken with the 6.1.3 or 6.1.4, i.e., the current iOS version. The iOS 6.1.2 firmware is the last firmware which is compatible with the Evasi0n untethered jailbreak.
This is a growing issue during the time you need to restore your device to stock iOS. Usually users can just skip the option of updating their firmware when such a problem arises for the jailbroken users. Restoring your device to the stock iOS can be a necessitated operation. This can be due to many reasons because of problems that arise with a certain package or some other problem.
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Utilize FullScroll Tweak & View any iOS App in Full Screen [Cydia Tweak]

Initially after the taller screen of the sixth-generation iPhone came into existence, the primary thing was to optimize the specific work of App Store and Cydia developers to suit the taller screen. Along these lines, several tweaks and tricks were developed that and assisted the users in the progress of viewing the entire display on screen. Also, there were various ones which offered the full screen mode.
There were several tweaks that provided the resultant functionalities with respect to this domain, however a new jailbreak app called as the FullScroll has bestowed a propitious medium to functionalize the same aspect of having a full screen mode for any app. Additionally this app is also responsible for making the title and the tool bar disappear from the phone’s screen. This has been developed by the Cydia developer Ryan Petrich.

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Secretary: A Cydia Tweak that can read out Incoming Texts, Missed Calls, Events and Unread Messages

Siri is a useful utility with respect to any iOS device. This is because of the wide range of functionalities provided by this voice recognition engine. Thus as it marks a significant presence in our day to day scenarios, with the help of assistance provided by the respective functionality. In such a manner, Siri has now be planned to be integrated into car systems where Siri will act as a voice assistant to read out all the notifications to the individual who is driving the car at that point of time. Thus this can act as a beneficial source of providing the necessary information without distracting the person while driving.Secretary Cydia Tweak
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How to Add More Sources to Cydia App Store

Cydia performs as an advantageous substitute for the App Store on the respective jailbroken iOS devices. It is of primary importance in case of a jailbroken device. This gets automatically installed after you have jailbroken your particular iOS device. Thus later you can find endless tweaks, themes, and tricks resident in such an app store. Also, there are different repositories available which assist the progress in downloading the Cydia tweaks. Along these lines, the article presents a procedure to add more sources to Cydia app store.
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