LockFlavors Cydia Tweak: Apply Customizable Themes & Customize Lock Screen Slider using this Cydia Hack

Traditionally employing a series of customizations is a usual aspect. Using several jailbroken tweaks, tips and tricks is a commonplace when it comes to jailbroken devices and Cydia hacks are the frequently used entities. Along these lines, we can turn our attention to a new tweak called LockFlavors which assists the progress in customizing the lock screen on your jailbroken handset.

LockFlavors, the Cydia hack arrives as an excellent tweak for facilitating the customization aspect on your device. Users can utilize this tweak for applying themes as well as changing the colors with respect to the lock screen. A user is also entitled to change the text that is present in the unlock slider and as well as can alter the font size of date and time. Additionally there is a facility available for creating one’s own theme by playing around with colors.lockflavors-Cydia

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Googiri: Amalgamate the voice recognition power of Siri and Google[Cydia Tweak]

Siri, the Apple’s voice assistant has faced significant competition from the likes of other functionalities. After its release, various competitors have marked their presence in response to Siri. Just after Google Now surfaced up to be made available for iOS, there is questionable development as to which resource to prefer amidst these circumstances. There are various users who have an inclination for Siri, whereas several others are adapting to the search recognition offered by Google Now. However, what if the user wants to use both in parallel or use them in conjunction?Googiri
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How to Export All Multimedia Attachments in Message Threads [Cydia Hack]

Usually the stock Messaging app is an advantageous functionality for the iOS users; however there are a several reasons to oppose the same as well. It is a tedious task searching for media files in the various message threads, especially for individuals that have a plethora of messages existent in the inbox.

It is an eye opening possibility as to why the particularized search feature cannot be used for this specific purpose. It is because the search feature doesn’t work along with all the threads. Nevertheless a fantastic solution is available to the existent governing problem that assists the progress in simplifying the particular aspect. MediaExport is the released jailbreak tweak which assists the progress in completing the dedicated motive. This is done by simply presenting the respective images and videos that are saved in the messages; and allowing them to be saved with the option of sharing them later.MediaExport
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Secretary: A Cydia Tweak that can read out Incoming Texts, Missed Calls, Events and Unread Messages

Siri is a useful utility with respect to any iOS device. This is because of the wide range of functionalities provided by this voice recognition engine. Thus as it marks a significant presence in our day to day scenarios, with the help of assistance provided by the respective functionality. In such a manner, Siri has now be planned to be integrated into car systems where Siri will act as a voice assistant to read out all the notifications to the individual who is driving the car at that point of time. Thus this can act as a beneficial source of providing the necessary information without distracting the person while driving.Secretary Cydia Tweak
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Atom: Pin 6 Apps at once on your iOS Lockscreen [Cydia Tweak]

Usually it is a common aspect to see tiny apps floating on the home-screen of Android devices. Well, this magnifies an uncluttered interface & dishes out a mechanism to place these apps anywhere on the home-screen  Along these lines we have been introduced to a tweak by the iOS jailbreak community which helps the iOS users on placing 6 apps on the lockscreen in an easily manifested fashion. This is by utilizing a Cydia tweak named Atom which provisions out the concept of placing 6 apps on the lockscreen.

Atom Cydia Tweak
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How to Force Siri to Answer certain pre-defined Questions based on Activator Gestures

With the advent of technological innovation, Smartphones eventually turned out to be an integral part of our lives. Along these lines, we were treated to voice based commands which served as functionalities for interaction between mobile devices. As such advancements present their arrival in the realms of possibilities, we are provided with advantageous tweaks like Ask Assistant for improving Siri in the long run. Thus such tweaks serve as propitious utilities for using Siri easily.Ask Assistant Cydia
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jLauncher: App that provides the Best Multitasking experience on iOS

Multitasking is a propitious concept. Every individual enjoys facilitating this aspect on the Smartphone. Switching through apps and potentially bringing the multitasking methods to iOS is an advantageous approach. Usually it is a tedious process switching between apps and navigating to a specific target while being residential on another application. However, with the feasibility manifested in an app switcher called jLauncher, this set of attributes aim for achieving the perfect task management on the iOS.

This helpful tweak is responsible for creating an Activator-based task manager without disturbing the existing App Switcher tray and is beneficial in several aspects with the multitudinous features it dishes out for the jailbroken users.
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RingerX Hack: A Cydia Hack that lets you set Custom Alerts for Contacts and Specific Apps

As Smartphones constitute to be integral components of one’s life, the ever-increasing functionalities produced by these devices accrue with the resultant facilitation of apps and other utilities. These beneficial aspects serve hugely advantageous along the course of time. Thus, during the time that various applications are resident on the device; a set of notifications are always presented out to the user when these applications are in the active or running state.

It is a common notion for the notifications to reside on the device. They are somewhat like the trademark association when we relate to iOS. Slowly and steadily as developments aggrandize ahead in time, the aspect of customization, tweaks, and tricks that can be performed on the handset can end up improving with every passing innovative procedure. These enriching functionalities are responsible for improving the experience in a much better way. Usually default notifications serve as good resources; however jailbreak developers dish out a new functionality which surpasses the stereotyped experiences. This exhibition is presented from the fact that a Cydia tweak named as the RingexX VIP produces the necessary change with respect to the respective task.

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Utilize FakePercent and Fake your iPhone Battery Percentage

An amazing tweak, yet as funny and proving as a prank to be utilized on various phones. Such is the tweak called FakePercent. The fact that it is available for free ascends the entertainment levels a notch higher and it presents out an enjoyable aspect to the overall scenario. A gladdening tweak that serves as the perfect fit for changing the battery percentage levels to any number as and what you desire. This can be changed to a single digit or 4 numerical digits as dependent on the user’s wish. The individual just has to type and the particular thing will be saved on the device. Thus, it acts as an effective manner to fake the battery percentage. Along these lines, the user can set the percentage to be 100%, when at that actual instance there is only 5% battery left. It is construed to be working on iPhones and iPods upto the latest firmware.

Even though it is an old tweak, the consistent updating of the respective tweak has resulted in the fun being relived at any instance supplementing a convivial approach for its users. The only point to be noted is that the tweak requires a Jailbroken phone. This is because it is a Cydia tweak and is available on the Cydia’s BigBoss repository, free of charge for jailbroken devices.FakePercent
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