How to Run Java Apps and Games on your Android

During the time that users evolved from normal handsets to Smartphones, the transitional period had its respective advantages and disadvantages. The opinions will differ from individuals to individuals; however the aspect of having Java and J2ME functional on your device even now is an appealing perspective for the respective user.  It is a general consensus that the users who switched from the traditional Symbian models to Android Smartphones will miss the crazy Java applications that were previously functional on their phone.

Thus advancing in time, we are met with a solution to the governing problem & enabling the perfect way to keep functional the aspect of having Java apps resident on the Android device. This is possible by the use of JBED Android Java Emulator. The facilitation of this Emulator can serve the purpose in using Java applications & playing Java games on the Android Smartphone. However, this is also functional for the users employing Android 1.5 to apps on droid
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