Get the Moto X Active Notifications on your ICS and Jellybean running Android Devices

Motorola recently launched the much awaited Moto X smartphone. Along with the variety of customizing options offered, another feature that caught the eyes of Android users is its Active Notifications feature. This feature automatically informs you of new messages by lighting up the lockscreen. When you receive a notification, the screen of your smartphone turns on with a small display and with a swiping gesture, you can jump directly to the displayed message. This feature can now be used in your ICS and JB phones using the ActiveNotifications app.                                                      


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Sliding Message: Great Alternative for Stock ICS/JB Messaging App

sliding message banner

SMS have always been a core part of a mobile phone. The Advent of smartphones however has somewhat diminished the importance of SMSes in mobile phones. Any further development in the way people SMS has come to a grinding halt. This slowdown has been caused by faster and better IM services like Whatsapp, Line, WeChat, etc. In Android the messaging app has not been much modified much with OS updates. The Messaging app in Jellybean 4.2 is almost same as in Gingerbread with only the adoption of HOLO theme and a few minor features. But the base app remains unchanged.

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[How To] Activate Face Unlock on Android 4.0 ICS, JellyBean and above

The launch of Ice Cream Sandwich bought with it many amazing features. Phone security has always been a point of discussion among android users. Some prefer the traditional pin while some prefer the pattern unlock. While few don’t believe in screen locking at all. ICS certainly bought with it a unique solution that is face unlock i.e. facial recognition. This features makes even more sense with Jellybean 4.2’s multiple user environment. As the name suggests facial recognition lock, requires you to scan your face by the device’s camera to unlock the device.

Face Unlock Android

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Rooting technique for most ICS/JB based Android phones

Rooting your android phone has never been any easier than this. If you are running a ICS or JB based firmware this techniques is the best and easiest way to root your android smartphone.

If you are unsure about rooting your device you can know more about the advantages and risks of rooting your device. You can also get more information about what are the generic steps you can take before rooting your device. This technique requires you to run a script in your PC to root your device it’s almost a one click process without much efforts to be taken.

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