Enable Quick Controls Menu in Android Jellybean Stock Browser

Though Jellybean wasn’t a very hugely different from Ice Cream Sandwich, it did bring some really cool features to Android like Google Now. One of the best thing that JB got to Android is speed and smoothness. ICS lacked a good browser that can give it the super smoothness and easy of browsing. However, Google improved upon this by introducing a new Browser for JB. JB’s browser us an obvious improvement over ICS. With features similar to Google Chrome, but size being a mere 11MB, the browser is hands down the best browser for Jellybean.

One of the cool features in this browser, other than speed, is the quick controls menu. By introducing the quick controls menu. The browser can eliminate the need of the address bar and hence provide a larger viewing area on your screen while surfing the web. The quick controls menu is normally invisible. To access this menu you have to slide you finger from the edge of the screen and visit various options by sliding action. To select an option just pick up your finger from the screen after highlighting the option,

Quick Control Menu

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