New Android 4.3 build leaks for Galaxy S4 Google Play edition (version JWR66V)

Based on a new report which has surfaced up, we are presented to several leaks that highlight the arrival of the newer Android 4.3 build version. This version has been found presently for the Galaxy S4 Google Play edition. This emergence is a strange upcoming because Google is yet to make announcements regarding the official update for the Android’s newest version.
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Download Updated and Enhanced GAPPS package for Jellybean

Gapps are Google apps and services that are packaged together. Gapps include apps like Play store, Talk, Now, etc. You are required to flash Gapps while installing a custom ROMs. Custom ROMs usually do not contain gapps and they have to be flashed a later stage. Gapps can be downloaded from, but these packages are outdated as Google has rolled out updates for all of it’s Gapps.

So here is a packaged Gapps which are updated to the latest version and also applied many useful MODs.

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[How to] Install the Android 4.2 AOKP ROM on Nexus 10

Samsung’s Google Nexus 10 is a brilliant tablet. It has the world’s highest resolution tablet display. It is powered by the latest generation Exynos 5250 processor, which features two ARM Cortex A15 cores running at 1.7 GHz and a powerful ARM Mali T604 GPU. The device comes with 2 GB of RAM, and either 16 or 32 GB of internal storage. Most importantly, the Nexus 10 is one of the two lead devices for Android 4.2, the revamped version of Jelly Bean.


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Get Flash player on Android devices running Jellybean

Adobe flash player has been around for ages. A huge number of websites use flash. However with the launch of HTML 5, things are expected to change. HTML 5 is supposed to take over from flash. However, it wont be soon enough that HTML 5 is implemented worldwide, till then good old flash player is what will enable you to surf all websites.

flash player for android

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Samsung planning to roll-out Jellybean update to Samsung Galaxy S 2 and Note after the Galaxy S 3

Among all the companies, Samsung too is going to roll out Jellybean updates for its flagship phones! Even after the launch of the Galaxy S III and the rumors about the launch of Galaxy Note 2, Samsung hasn’t just yet abandoned the users of S II and Note. Both these devices have gained quite a large fan following and a huge user-base!

Samsung is soon to gift these loyal customers with a sugar-coated Jellybean update. However, there are no concrete plans till now about when will be the updates be rolled out. Neither the company is ready to give a confirmed timeframe by when the users can expect the official update. They continue to hold the “no comment” stance!

Samsung Galaxy S 2

Samsung Galaxy Note

The update for Samsung S III is confirmed. It is speculated that once a stable update for the S III is released company will work hard on the release of updates for the S II and Note. To sum up, Samsung might have at least 3 JB updates soon for its ever growing customers.

In the Google I/O conference, during the lauch of Jellybean google had announced that the had provided the top manufacturers with the PDK of Android 4.1 some time before the release. So, we can expect the updates rolling out in a matter of a few months or who knows even weeks! Keeping fingers crossed that the updates will be out soon.