Intimation that the NFC chip is an EarPiece Speaker; possibly NO NFC on the New iPhone 5

The hoopla broadens around the horizon so consistently and escalates with every passing day. The rumors have been a habitual phenomenon of everyday’s routine. Every jabber, suppositions just magnifies every aspect about the next-gen iPhone. In the days gone by, Macotakara: the Japanese blog had reported information on the front panel of the phone depicting the square feature being related to NFC.

iPhone 5 Earpiece Speaker

The above pictorial depiction enlightens the front panel i.e. assembled with earpiece bracket removed.

Pretty soon as the proliferating news becomes hearsay, bright and early magnifying that the iPhone 5 will contain NO NFC. By observing the item and considering proper assumptions, it is clear that the part which was confused for the NFC is of an earpiece speaker and communication with Repairlabs confirms the same. Though forewarnings also pointed out at NO NFC in the iPhone with narrations from The Loop as telecasted differently from other reports.

iPhone 5 Earpiece Speaker removed

There is certain few front-page news or eye-openers setting particularization on the situation trending. Also to support the same, are photos illustrating the square bracket removal which characteristically gives a partial view of earpiece speaker as broadcasted through the photos that were revealed to us from the potential leaks that keep surfacing up.

Speakerphone on Apple products

Latest illustrations and Leaked Images of iPhone 5

Just few days while back, we have seen some many speculations whispering around the circles every now and then. This moment of madness is certain to go on till the official launch of the next gen iPhone. Aforetime the photos that were leaked as per hearsay included the dock connector, headphone jack and other plethora of news, parts to sum up in conclusion.

iPhone 5 front case

The suppositions have rumbled a dummy image in the minds of the consumers, common people and it is just a matter of days before the actual product gets unveiled. Having seen individual photos of parts, information from the back-fence talk, forthwith at this moment of time Sohu via showcased a new range of photos depicting the positional orientation with respect to the device and in the general aspect. These dispatchments that are presented through the photos include the following:

iPhone 5 back

The SIM tray, headphone jack/ dock connector flex cable, external buttons mounted on flex cable are the components visible from the depicted photo. The speaker holes take in sights of being neater than iPhone 4’s speakers.  The battery and the logic board are apparently believed to take the internal spaces in the left and right sides respectively.It’s a showboat piece certainly but embodying the new matte black/white metal across the entire back of the phone would have been a preferred glimpse rather than the two glass pieces at the top and bottom, on the back of the phone.

iPhone assembly

iRedQ, a parts repair firm manifested a dummy model allegedly earlier in this week instilling the leaked components onto the stipulated positions. Improving the overall appearance, photos depicted an assembled front panel for iPhone5. These photos about the next generation phone were published by Sohu. Also, a picturesque comparison of iPhone 4 and 3GS is depicted to scrutinize the thickness of these devices.
Leaked image of iPhone 5
iLab Factory also were responsible for showing up photos about the next generation iPhone. Some of the photos are displayed above!

Scrutinize the Smaller Dock Connector of the iPhone 5’s USB cable!

With the rumor mills working overtime with the leaks, rumors, descriptions about the next generation iPhone; today yet another photo of the USB cable connector surfaced up. It’s like the divulges leading up-to the launch on September 12 the buildup represents already the cat has been left out of the bag.

In the days gone by, various sources have run off the mouth citing various descriptions, parts, photos antecedently about the plethora of news being disclosed. The Cable of Apple’s smaller dock connector was the highlighted aspect with respect to the other jabber displayed around. Just recently, a photo of the entire cable was burst out by iLounge which depicted fully assembled form that easily displayed the mini dock plug with the strain relief components attached.

Apple iPhone5 mini Dock USB cable

The photo that unfolded out ostentatiously portrayed certain features which may not be implemented in the final version of the Cable. The showcased Cable not only contains some text, but also is represented with a scannable code on the cable’s USB connector portion.

The beans are spilled, its just a matter of time before the actual reality is revealed to concede our faith comparing these leaks along-side with the reality!

Difference between iPhone 4S & next-gen iPhone 5 parts [video]

A complete examination and determination video was posted by a repair firm named SmartPhone Medic. This specific procedure included the scrutiny of numerous parts of iPhone 5 in contradistinction with the iPhone 4S parts. Not only does the video present the comparison of parts in the foreground, a overview to the various expected changes are also catered to the users. The main parts that are exemplified for variance are the front panel and flex cables for the external controls and dock connector/headphone jack with the parts previously seen.

iPhone 4S vs iPhone 5 design differences [expected]

The logic board is the only part that hasn’t received ostentatious gaze of the eye yet. Finally, some of the double security standards are working well! The incongruousness is depicted, but considering from the plethora of leaks over the days gone by no comprehending existence of the core components is spilled out to fathom and deduce conclusions.

It keeps me spell bound that so many plethora of revelations have been disclosed out containing next generation iPhone’s parts and news related to them, I wonder if will we also have a demonstrated video of a working iPhone (before the official launch) by the amalgamating all the pieces..

Next generation iPhone’s Front panel photos leaked

Will we be amazed on Tim’s double security talks or these rumors are ridiculous but true?

Only time will tell, as the iPhone 5 release date “September 12th” comes closer by. But, the way the rumors are consistently hotwired, if it ends up being the next generation iPhone, it can act as a disappointment to the fact that much of the research and development was narrated prequel the launch. Debarring the consistency aspect, undoubtedly the fanfare will still purchase it.

On a hilarious note, does that mean we have a complete next-gen iPhone if we put all the leaked parts together?

iPhone 5 leaked front panel

Sizeable credit should go to UBreakiFix for the handouts of the photos by dispatching them online from one of their distributors. The continuous detriments have almost revealed the iPhone but not a close meticulous look at the iPhone’s screen. Certainly, these leaks spoiling the talks have damaged the tag of the elite phone category! As a matter of fact, the the tall-screen design is honestly ugly and weird. These improvements that have been lend out blow by blow depict that keeping the pixel density preserved, the screen size has been increased to  4″ in diagonal (up from 3.5″) The blessing in disguise is nothing extravagant or special but just that the larger screen would provide Apps with more screen space to fill.

Joining the dots from the various articles that talk about the iPhone 5, my opinion is the following:

iPhone 5 is just an updated improved iPhone 4S with as expected more RAM, better processor(students enjoying gaming on smartphones) and larger screen and with better connectivity(possibly NFC) to mention as last but not the least!