LG reportedly to offer Knock functionality onto the L Series II smartphones

It has come into sight that the popular “Knock” feature, dubbed as the KnockON will be officially available on all key mobile devices that are released at a later point of time. LG has reportedly disclosed that it has plans to upgrade this functionality by bestowing it past the LG G2 and for the L Series II smartphones.

The Knock functionality was initially introduced on the LG G2, which assisted individuals to turn ON/OFF their smartphone by tapping or knocking twice on display. This useful facilitation proved to be a beneficiary because of the fact that users could easily perform their intended actions, without worrying about using the power button on the back. It is regarded that this functionality will arrive on the L Series II smartphones after LG rolls out a global maintenance update in January 2014.LG_Optimus_L_Series_II

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LG introduces the Pocket Photo 2, a portable mobile printer for your smartphone

LG has announced its latest revelation, the Pocket Photo which is a “smart” mobile printer that assists the progress in printing photos instantly directly from your handheld device. The device will be showcased off on 7 January at the CES 2014. And the newfangled itemization will be available in the colors of pink, jewel white and lime yellow. The disclosure will be available globally in 2014 after it has been launched in South Korea.Pocket Photo 2
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Speculated specs of the LG G2 Mini [Leaks]

Just previously we were presented with information citing speculative descriptions on the LG G2 mini. It was construed that this device was in the works. At present released reports highlight the arrival of an unknown LG hanset, which has been dubbed as the LG-D410. It is regarded that the itemized arrival could be the LG G2 mini, if it was put through the GFX benchmark site. Continue reading

LG releases an Infographic on How Americans use their smartphones

As we advance forward to an age where rival competitors and new entrants present their arrival in the smartphone market, we are showcased with newer innovations as we stand the test of time. LG’s stellar growth in the face of some stringent competition can be attributed to the release of two prime handsets. The LG G2 with top notch specs and featuring uniquely placement of buttons primarily plays an important role in this ascension ranking. And the Nexus 5 needs no introduction, wherein this affordable flagship is gaining popularity and has been selling out like hot pancakes.LG devices

According to a report released by LG, it is illustrative on the facets on how, when and where Americans use their smartphones. The introduction of an infographic alongwith this data, generated facts we are viewable to results of this survey. Based on the report, it is construed that there are several thought provoking results that have surfaced up. The data represents that 48% of Americans said that they face no hindrance or would not have any issue using their smartphone in a place of worship. Continue reading

LG broadcasts adverts that mock iPhones, Samsung and HTC phones maligning them on different fronts

Talk about taking your creative sparks onto the next level!  New set of broadcastments in Sweden highlight certain banner ads which have been designed specifically for mocking iPhone, Samsung and HTC handset owners. The adverts produce amusing elements by making fun of these brands over the duration of an advertisement.

Such development is a complete different trend from the ones followed by other manufacturing giants, Samsung, Nokia and Microsoft. Previously we have seen these giants making mockery of others by releasing adverts which directly try on defaming rivals. LG has completely ignored this trend and taken an alternative route wherein LG manages to convince users through their ads on switching to a better handset, the G2.LG G2 Continue reading

[How To] Root your LG G2 running on Android 4.2.2

LG recently announced its new flagship device, the LG G2. Powered by a Snapdragon 800 processor, the device runs on Android 4.2.2 and continues with the latest trend among high end smartphones of not having an external memory card slot. The phone will provide tough competition to the Moto X smartphone that was launched by Motorola even though the G2 is expected to be priced higher. We have already seen what is rooting and the purpose behind it. This article will now explain how you can Root your LG G2.

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Nexus 5 With Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie Launch Rumored in Early October

With reports spilling in some notably important information, it is easily palpable that the next Nexus smartphone will be manufactured by LG.

According to reports from a Korean tech site Daum, it is reported that the device will arrive in October. Considering that the source is accurate, it is regarded that the Nexus 4 is currently being developed focusing largely on the hardware platform of the LG G2.Android Key Lime Pie
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LG G2 to be the First Smartphone with 3GB of RAM, followed by the Note 3 [Reports]

The LG G2, which is the successor to the Optimus G2 is regarded to be launched as the world’s first phone with 3GB of RAM. Previously, we have seen the new Snapdragon 800 version of the Galaxy S4 hog the limelight by being attributed as the world’s first LTE-Advanced device, but now LG will possess these boasting rights by unveiling the the world’s first phone with 3GB of RAM.SK-Hynix-RAM-memory-chip
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