Get Voice notifications on your Android

Earlier we had featured an app called as Voice for Whatsapp which enabled you to get voice notifications for Whatsapp. This also allowed you to send messages via voice input. The interesting thing about this app was that it read out the senders name as well as the message. The developer of this app, pacosal, has introduced major changes to the app that has led to illustrate the changes via this article.

voice notification

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Top 3 Alternatives for Whatsapp

Whatsapp has created a huge impact over the instant messaging world. It also holds the top spot, earlier owned by BBM, among all apps providing instant messaging service. With almost infallible service this app never fails to deliver. However, some users aren’t still completely satisfied with the service. Some complain about it’s “last seen” feature being a boon to stalkers. While others complain about it having a very basic look and feel.(If you want to customize Whatsapp you can check out Whatsapp+ ) A few feel it lacks the free SMS service.

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