How to Download Pictures from iPhone to Windows or Mac

Sometimes it may so happen that there is excessive accumulation of the photos on the device and it is a tedious task to feature dedicated space for other applications or new photos. Hence, the common approach is to transfer these photos onto the computer than residing them on your iPhone. This process is like child’s play and can be performed using proper instructions. The basic necessity is to connect the iPhone to the computer via USB cable. Traditionally, iTunes is used for facilitating the desired task. However, there also exist several other methods to perform the intended function of transferring photos to Windows or Mac PC. The instructions below exhibit a sequential procedure for the completion of the activity.
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Send and Synchronize SMSes via PC using MightyText

Smartphones have evolved into devices with minimal hard keys and a huge touch screen. The touchscreen, undoubtedly, is pretty cool. But However everyone has a moment when he/she is irritated by the constant need to look at the screen while typing. It is at such times when you wish you could type using your PC keyboard. Life would had been so much easier!


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