How to Download Maps for Offline Use on your Windows Phone 8

It is a general consensus that the maps that reside on the Windows Phone require a dedicated and active internet connection to provide the necessary functional aspects in executing the specified operation. This is because the data isn’t locally stored on the device. However in some cases, the user would want to utilize these offline due to various circumstances. This can be due to the mobile signal being weak or during several other instances when the user wants to save battery. In such cases the user can simply download several maps onto their device to utilize these for the offline use.wp8
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Use MapsOpener to Set Google Maps as the Default Maps App on iOS

As Apple Maps bamboozled plenty with its unparalleled geographies, there was a need for the re-introduction of the Google Maps in the App store. Following the position of time that Apple Maps signified its need for improvements in various areas, it had become a necessity to use better, efficient and accurate maps that could help in achieving the intended target or destination when put into service.

Hence, succeeding the Apple Maps was eventually the Google Maps which was a big relief to groups of iOS users. This was welcomed & was anticipated considering the plentiful downloads of the free app on the App Store.Google maps
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Best Alternatives for Apple Maps on iOS 6

After the blunder of Apple Maps, Apple was prompt in apologizing it’s customers for the poor functionality of Apple Maps. Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple inc., has posted an apologetic note on the official Apple website.  Here is a snippet from it:

Apology Note by Apple

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