Top 3 Scariest Games for Android

With the advent in the number of apps available for several categories, games continue to be the prominent ones that are sought after endlessly. According to the genres and the sub divisions available in the heterogeneous categories of games, it is indeed an enjoyable aspect to try these games as we move forward in time. There are games that can be used for killing time, whereas others can be for fun or scary ones. The scary games possess the necessary thrilling experience along-with some terrifying music and graphics to keep individuals glued on the phone. It is an enjoyable aspect to play these horror games and enjoy a unique different feeling as compared to the normal games. Here below is a list of top 3 scariest games for Android mobile devices.
scary games
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Motorola Teases Moto X Smartphone In New Teaser Ad; advertised to be “The First Smartphone That You Can Design Yourself”

It has been a long waiting period for a Motorola Smartphone to be unveiled after its acquisition by Google, but at this moment we have been presented to an eye grabbing revelation that proves to be a new teaser ad. Previously it was assumed that there existed an unreleased and unannounced Moto X handset. This was suppositioned to be known as the Google X Phone till the time no official information was given out to the users. According to reports in May, the CEO had also confirmed regarding the existence of such a device, even assuring the consumers that such a revelation will surface up in the United States. Along these lines, there have been no serious lowdowns on this matter apart from few set of leaked images and other handful
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OPPO Find 7 confirmed & potential OPPO Find 5 Google Edition to come soon

OPPO today announced that it is planning to unveil another handset called as the Find 7. This revelation will be the next in line after the initial success that was achieved by OPPO. Being a newcomer to the already competitive Android Smartphone market, this disclosure promises to succeed in producing a quality handset. With a sleek design, exceptional battery life, unobjectionable software. Therefore the find 7 will be a successor the Find 5.oppo-find-5
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How to Add or Edit Reject Call Messages on your Windows Phone 8

During the time that you are busy or caught up in some work, it is a difficult task to answer each and every call or message. In such cases, it is necessary to have a methodological way that the users can utilize to reject the call and send a message to the caller. Windows Phone 8 provides this beneficial aspect with respect to their devices. The following article describes the respective steps that the individual can utilize to perform this necessary action. The user will be dished out with default messages by this operation. If a user wants to customize these particular return messages, then the steps below indicate the step by step method in achieving this motive.
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Make your Android Device look like iOS 7 using this JellyBean Theme

Just recently, Apple officially released their next generation iOS 7 but this unveilment will not arrive on the iPhone so soon. However, in case you happen to be an Android user or you have an Android phone with you, then you can employ this Apple’s released functionality on the Android handset itself. Thus it a surprise that an Android handset can facilitate its appearance in the form of the new-fangled iOS 7 by a simple functionality called jbOS 7 (Jelly Bean OS 7)

This notable functionality is an Android theme that helps in providing and dishing out the necessitated design of the iOS 7, the Apple’s newest mobile operating system. This particularized theme is an amalgamation of certain customization aspects and this has been formed as a combination of custom icons and the Nova Launcher home screen launcher. This is available for all devices that run on Android 4.0+ version.
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SuperBeam App: Quickly Transfer Files using Wi-Fi Direct via NFC

Android Beam is a feature using which transfer of content is possible between NFC equipped Android devices by simply tapping on the devices. The individuals can transfer or share YouTube videos, Google Maps locations, sharing of images and videos and more. However, there is a downside to this available functionality. This uses Bluetooth and not the Wi-Fi Direct to transfer these files which consumes more time and is relatively slower. Hence, let’s check out a new functionality called SuperBeam which produces the necessary goods in the best available manner. The users can employ such an App and share any kind of files over Wi-Fi Direct via the NFC.
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Galaxy S4 with Snapdragon 800 (SHV-E330S) reportedly appears in AnTuTu benchmarks

According to several leaks and other tidings, the new Galaxy S4 version constituting a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor has surfaced up in different AnTuTu benchmarks.

This itemized revelation SHV-E330S is understood to be the particularized Galaxy S4 model. This disclosure is expected to hit South Korea later this year. In this manner, the device comprises the rumored Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor also, however it is construed that the device is set to provide LTE-Advanced support. This has been widely reported by rbmen.SamsungGalaxy_S4_
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Catch a glimpse of Android Home Automation

Surely Home Automation is one of the most innovative characterizations of this transcending age of technology. It would be an ideal representation to possess an intelligent house structuring which can bestow the manifestation of the Internet which can be controlled from our phones. Likewise several rudimentary steps have been directed in such a manner to substantiate this claim for home automation and provide the necessitated benefits to various consumers.
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How to Apply Themes to any Blackberry device

Customization on your own device is a usual concept employed by the individuals. This can range from changing wallpapers to altering settings, changing themes or altering other features. In this fashion as we advance forward in time in conjunction with the developing technology, the range of devices produced by the manufacturing giants continue to amaze everyone with the extensive list of features that are dished out for the individuals.

As Blackberry tries to retain its position in the lives of business professionals, the incremental growth associated with the device just keeps improving with every passing instance. However, the customization aspect is very limited or scarce in comparison to the iOS or the Android platforms. Hence, every chance needs to be grabbed when customization can be employed on the device. Therefore, applying newer and better themes on your handset can serve as a beneficial approach towards achieving the customization on the particular device. Presented below we explain a sequential procedure on how you can install themes on your handheld Blackberry device.Blackberry
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Tether Internet and use Windows Phone 8 as a WiFi Hotspot

In the age where technology is transcending horizons and leading to several new disclosures, the functionalities provided by a Smartphone continue to aggrandize as we progress ahead in time. Along these lines, the Smartphone has developed into an integral part in our current lifestyle and the innumerable set of functions that are dished out by it are beneficial in some or the other way. Sometimes in certain instances, the Internet connectivity on the phone becomes an issue and then usually we have Wi-Fi network connectivity to the rescue us in such circumstances. However, if in the current situation the area doesn’t have a Wi-Fi network and you want to use some other device for connecting it to the Internet. Along these lines, the basic solution to this particular problem can be solved by using the particular handset to function as a Wi-Fi hotspot to connect your other device to the internet. This is a very simple procedure and it can be performed using the following steps.WP8
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