How to Send Bulk Messages on WhatsApp for Android

There are a plethora of messages that surface up when we move closer to an occasion or a festive is lined up during a particular time reference. Be it a Thanksgiving occasion or New Year’s Eve wishing the other person or messaging the entire list in your contact phone-book is an activity done by most of the individuals. These text messages not only come handy during these times only. When certain groups have to plan out a particular plan and wish to confirm the other person’s availability for the same, sending text messages to all of them at once becomes a highly tedious task.

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Announcement on HTC Deluxe superphone leaks: 5-Inch Android phone to go Global

There have been various announcements on the HTC’s 5-inch Android super phone which is supposedly set for release ahead. These recitals were noted from an image of the device that was posted on Twitter.  This itemization was broadcasted by @evleaks which has been responsible for leaking several other devices as well in the precedent times.

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