Leaked Image hints the arrival of Moto G for Boost Mobile

Currently Moto G is only available in GSM, however it was speculatively believed that a CDMA version will mark its presence in the first quarter of 2014. Verizon was the only carrier that was going to officially announce this device, but based on several new leaked itemizations it is reckoned that Verizon won’t be the only carrier to release the CDMA-flavored Motorola Moto G. Although, at present no other carriers have broadcasted the arrival of this handset; but it is construed that the Moto G will also be officially made available for Sprint MVNO Boost Mobile. Twitter handle @evleaks has showcased an image that highlights the arrival of this device.Moto G Continue reading

Android 4.4.2 update rolling out to the U.S. Motorola Moto G models

According to recent reports, it has been revealed that some of the U.S. Motorola Moto G models have been receiving the Android 4.4.2 update starting today. The devices that were purchased from Motorola.com or Amazon.com in the U.S are the ones that receive this update to begin with. The latest update will allow the Moto G users and assist the progress in printing  emails and photos from the phone.moto-g- Continue reading

Motorola launches the Moto G: Specs, Features, Pricing and Release Date

Motorola launched the budget and lower spec version of the Moto X smartphone, the Moto G. The phone boasts of specs typically found nowadays in high-end devices but comes at a comparatively lower cost than them. It is powered by a quad-core processor but is priced starting from only $179 and that too off-contract. Motorola is aiming to target the mid-range market with this device but seeing the high specs, one wouldn’t be surprised if it challenges even the high-end phones.

Motorola Moto G Continue reading