[How To] Update the T-Mobile / Unlocked / Developer Edition Motorola Moto X (XT1053) to official Android 4.4.2

The Android 4.4.2 update is now available for the T-Mobile, Unlocked and Developer Edition variants of the Motorola Moto X. The 146.7 MB file can be downloaded via OTA and can be installed on your phone to update it to the latest Android version. The update brings about support for printing photos and documents via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and hosted services, improved battery life and fix for a bug which caused delays in email synchronization. If you are yet to receive the update via OTA, you can follow the below steps and flash the update through recovery and experience the latest Android OS on your Moto X.

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[How To] Root Motorola Moto X running on Android 4.2.2

Motorola recently launched the much awaited Moto X smartphone. It is one of the few devices to use nano SIM card format and allows users to customize their own smartphone by offering the options to select the back cover and their own personalized text. This article aims at achieving root access to your Moto X. We have already seen what is rooting and the purpose behind it.

The Moto X comes equipped with Android 4.2.2 which will be distributed by America’s “big four” carriers. The developers at XDA have been busy and have already come out with the necessary tools to root the AT&T and Rogers versions of the Moto X. The rooting process requires that your device be already bootloader unlocked. If you haven’t yet unlocked your device’s bootloader, you can go to Motorola’s website and have it unlocked from there. However, once you have unlocked the phone’s bootloader, your phone’s warranty is void so choose wisely whether you wish to proceed or not.

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[How To] Transfer/Backup and Migrate Data from your Old Phone to the Motorola Moto X

Motorola’s newly launched smartphone, the Moto X, has caught the attention of a lot of Android users with its highly customizable options. However buying a new phone always comes with the hassle of loss of data. Keeping this in mind, Motorola has introduced the Motorola Migrate app which allows you to seamlessly transfer your old data to your new Moto X.

Motorola Migrate

The app comes preinstalled in the Moto X and you just have to download the app to your old phone from the play store. The app allows you to transfer your text messages, call history, SIM contacts, pictures, video, and music from your old phone to your new Moto X. You need to follow the below steps to start transferring: Continue reading