Motorola to be slowly phased out in the year 2016


Motorola has been making phones since quite a long time. After Google acquired Motorola in 2012, they launched great devices like Moto E, Moto G, Moto X and their subsequent successors. In 2014, Motorola was bought by Lenovo. And Lenovo now plans to slowly phase out Motorola this year.

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Android 4.4.2 update rolling out to the U.S. Motorola Moto G models

According to recent reports, it has been revealed that some of the U.S. Motorola Moto G models have been receiving the Android 4.4.2 update starting today. The devices that were purchased from or in the U.S are the ones that receive this update to begin with. The latest update will allow the Moto G users and assist the progress in printing  emails and photos from the Continue reading

Moto X’s four wooden cover options reportedly in the pipeline, arriving soon [Leaks]

Based on information released by renowned leakster @evleaks, it was regarded that four new wooden covers for the Moto X will be available starting at a price of $50. Back in September, it was pointed out that the price of Moto X will drop to $100 on contract. At that point of time, it was illustrated that these dispatchments will arrive in the winter. We had seen the price being sloshed down to half by October, however there was no information presented on the wooden Moto X covers.Moto X covers Continue reading

Nokia rises up to fourth position in the US smartphone market

As we proceed forward to an age wherein the tussle between platforms for mobile devices accrues up to a competing stage, we are presented with several other platforms that remain existent in this competitive market. Although iOS and Android platforms remain dominant forces in this fiercely competing domain, Windows Phone has managed to emerge through as the balancing factor as the competition for platforms for mobile devices grows through.

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Motorola Teases Moto X Smartphone In New Teaser Ad; advertised to be “The First Smartphone That You Can Design Yourself”

It has been a long waiting period for a Motorola Smartphone to be unveiled after its acquisition by Google, but at this moment we have been presented to an eye grabbing revelation that proves to be a new teaser ad. Previously it was assumed that there existed an unreleased and unannounced Moto X handset. This was suppositioned to be known as the Google X Phone till the time no official information was given out to the users. According to reports in May, the CEO had also confirmed regarding the existence of such a device, even assuring the consumers that such a revelation will surface up in the United States. Along these lines, there have been no serious lowdowns on this matter apart from few set of leaked images and other handful
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How to Root Motorola Razr HD running ICS 4.0.4

The RAZR HD is a power packed phone by Motorola.  With Dual-core 1.5 GHz CPU it turns out to be a powerful device. To complement it and boost the performance the device hosts an Adreno 225 GPU and 1 GB of RAM. Oozing with power, this beast of a phone waits to be unleashed by rooting it. To know more about rooting your android device see this article.

It may not be the fastest device in the market, but certainly a strong competitor to give it’s competition a tough fight. You can however tap into it’s true potential by rooting it. The process to root the device is described as below. However, this process is only for RAZR HD devices running ICS firmware.

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Click Screenshots using default built-in methods on Smartphones

Screenshots is nowadays a basic feature that is included in Stock firmwares(ROM). Most big players like Samsung, Sony, Motorola, etc. include a stock method to click screenshots on your android device.  These methods are usually have to be found out by accident as they aren’t usually listed anywhere in manuals or documentations.

I’ve made a list of Different Manufacturers and the methods to click screenshots in them. These methods are generally applicable to all phones of the manufacturers however some exceptions always remain.

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