How to Play PowerPoint PPT presentations on iPhone 5 (as video)

We are all aware of the specifications rendered out by iPhone. As rumours surfaced up before its arrival in the market, the significant developments that were related to it propelled it exactly as the handheld device was expected to be. The positives and the negatives related to the device were dished out and comparisons with other competitors flowed in with every passing instance. The specifications were a good measure of the phone however the notable drawback was absence of NFC (Near field communication). Another disadvantage included by the fact that the user cannot use the handset as a PowerPoint viewer. This was a missing piece in the entire jigsaw puzzle.

The facilitation of this aspect is advantageous for the working professionals. There are other methods available which employ certain apps for playing PowerPoint on iPhone 5. Otherwise there are certain PowerPoint alternatives which can be used to PowerPoint on iPhone 5 flawlessly. Converting PowerPoint to iPhone 5 is only approach that succeeds in playing PowerPoint on iPhone 5. Amidst the availabilities of varieties of ways, the single approach that stands out from the rest is utilizing the Moyea PPT to Video Converter. The employment of this will help the individuals in the conversion of PowerPoint on iPhone 5.Moyea  PPT to Video Converter Continue reading