How to Merge Multiple Email Accounts on Windows Phone 8

Usually it is a common aspect to have multiple accounts on several sites. During the time that Smartphones become portable replacements for the desktop computers, the functionalities dished out for the users continue to escalate as time passes by. Hence, rather than checking the particular email on the computer, one can avail the benefit of having these multiple email accounts synced onto a particular device. But, it is a tedious task to sync multiple accounts & keep viewing mails separately as and when they come by. Therefore, an alternative would be of significant importance considering if all the mails get integrated together at a single place.

The approach of having related accounts integrated together in a single facilitated account is an aspect worth considerable of substantial benefit which can prove efficiently better with respect to the organizational aspect in the overall situation. Hence, let’s learn a sequential procedure on how the user can merge the  email inbox on his/her Windows Phone 8.WP8
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