Launch Apps without exiting the currently running App using Swapps

If you have used the recent version of Ubuntu you must have experienced the new Unity interface. It allows you to access your favourite applications and recently used application with easy. Inspired by this Unity interface XDA senior member roshga has developed this app for android which brings the Functionality of Unity interface to Android smartphones. This app is called as Swapps.


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How to Use Multiple Apps at once on your Blackberry

During the time that BlackBerry gains popularity & sets its stance as a significant competitor in the market, the faithful BlackBerry users will continue to rise with every new revelation. It is a frequent sight to see BlackBerry being used by variety of individuals. We occasionally have a glimpse of BlackBerry handset vividly taken noticed in various places. This can range right from the individuals in the bus, train, the street to the working professionals in cafe, offices etc.

As well all know, there are plenty of features that are resident with the BlackBerry device. A plethora of applications are also existent. At a particular instance of time, it may so happen that the user will want to multi-task during a specific activity. An example of the same can be that a person will want to listen to music at the time of opening a certain email.multiple apps on BlackBerry at once Continue reading

Take Advantage of ReLaunch and Launch apps from anywhere in Android

As we advance forward with respect to several developments in technology, the ease of use facilitated by the specific applications continues to amaze us with the efficiency and simplicity provided by these aspects. There are a plethora of notable entities that serve fruitful in various circumstances and thus expedite the resulting process of performing actions in an effective manner.

Multitasking is a traditional benchmark when considered with the current generation of handsets. The ease of use, proficient working of the intended task helps the user in overcoming the time restrictions and thus ends up performing activities in a super-fast manner thus saving time. Along these lines, ReLaunch is an application which serves beneficial in that aspect that the particular individual can easily switch between apps or launch new apps employing this on their device.ReLaunch
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Speed up your phone using the Thunderbolt! Script

There are a dozen tweaks and scripts out there available on the internet to speed up your phone, increase battery life, optimize performance, etc. Not all actually work and most of then do nothing at all. However a few, different from the rest, work wonders like the Thunderbolt! script.

Thunderbolt! is developed by pikachu01 at XDA Developers.

Thunderbolt! aims at the following :

  • Better performance and better battery life by tweaking the android kernel.
  • Better battery life and performance through usage of screenstate_scaling.
  • Better performance and battery life for database writes.
  • Better network speed by tweaks to TCP and 3G
  • Less RAM usage through zipalign.
  • Reduced /dbdata, /data, /sdcard usage of *.db files and faster database access through defragmentization of sqlite db files.
  • Multitasking by applying Thunderbolt! value in the supercharger script.

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