The slowing leaking rumours about the iPhone 5 are indeed true!

The propensity regarding the leaks, rumors that have surfaced up notifying us on the innumerous suppositions, disclosing revelations and much other news have gained a consistent stranglehold as we conclude towards the climax of the journey. The premonitions, doubts, assumptions, tidings, hearsay, falsehood are brought out in light through these disclosing snippets and now with reports from iMore, it is communicated that the circulated matter than went about beating the drum are accurate and it is the same way that the New iPhone will look like on its upcoming launch of September 12.

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It’s The New iPhone and NOT iPhone 5!

We have been giving you all the rumoured updates about the upcoming next-generation iPhone. Finally Apple has set out the invites and the event is confirmed to take place on 12th September 2012.

We have been tracking all the leaks and we came across something which was interesting and couldn’t hold ourselves back. Our friends at show a picture where a female employee is holding the packaging material for the cases of the next-gen iPhone.

The New iPhone = iPhone 5

And to our surprise, there wasn’t anything like “iPhone 5” written on it. We could clearly read it as “The New iPhone”.

So, we can assume that Apple is going to follow a new naming methodology by adding the word “New” before the generic name of the product rather than adding the number of iterations the product has gone through! Remember, the case of iPad? There is nothing called the iPad 3.. Its the New iPad!

Yes, so 12th September it is.. And, it will be the New iPhone!

Rumour: iPhone 5 does NOT incorporate NFC

The speculations keep flowing, the suppositions flying, and the scuttle-butts catching innuendo. It’s all happening, a collective force capable enough to upset the excitement on the arrival of the next-gen iPhone. The back-fence talk behind the scenes before the arrival is certainly catching up more than the highlighted iPhone 5. These tidings have already rumbled a dummy image and look and feel of the iPhone just anteriorly to upcoming launch on September 12. More than generating interests about the official launch, there have been dispatchments of these constructing rumors on the same.

The part of the iPhone panel which was mistaken for the NFC tag

The upcoming technology called NFC (Near Field Communication) is said to be interjected from the next gen iPhone. As previous hearsays from Japanese blog Macotakara surfaced that NFC was part of device, a rigorous extensive analysis of the features of iPhone was performed by Anandtech. With the results officiated from the substantiation and the definitive tests, a case was ostentatiously displayed as to why NFC is a skeptical feature and moot able enough to not come to light and materialize in the new device.

Glimpse of an iPhone game on the statuesque screen of iPhone 5 – A marketing attempt?

As the leaks are resolute, we have already seen the persevering rumors about the parts, front panels and various other leaks go off the limit before the launch. The taller screen was an instrumentality as a spot table difference from the old model.

iPhone 5 game demonstration

A 99 cent App on the Apple Appstore and seems totally worth it considering it is simple, easy, fun, and an addictive game. The developer of Ninja Fish demonstrated a video on the next generation considering the determinant of this App’s view on the taller screen of iPhone 5. He also claims, that its the World’s first iPhone 5 game!

Though a publicity seeking stunt, there are no concrete justifications from the developer about the regard for the illustration of iPhone 5’s description or depth in knowledge of iPhone 5, but the depiction just acts as a perspective to draw a rough inference on how games would be spectacled on the speculated larger screen of the next-generation iPhone..