Unlock All Cars and 100% Complete Game Save in NFS Most Wanted for Android

NFS Most Wanted

EA didn’t disappoint its fans with Android Smartphones and has brought in the most awaited game in the NFS series, NFS Most Wanted. The game has spectacular graphics and amazing game play. Any gamer must know the disadvantage a Mobile device has to a console, the handling of cars isn’t as precise as you would experience in a console. Hence playing games like NFS Most Wanted can become a tedious task. To reach from zero to most wanted can be a rather long task. Some Gamers want to play the game for the fun and not wish to complete the entire game again on their Android Device.

Note: This will work only for NFS Most wanted version 1.0.46

This is a tutorial to get 100% Completed Game. The Hack includes the following:

  • Career completed
  • Most Wanted no. 1
  • All races gold (Including Veyron HOT RACE)
  • All cars unlocked and purchased. (Including the New Pagani Zonda & Marussia B2)
  • Lots of money.

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