Galaxy Note 3 available for $199 on-contract through Amazon, depending on your respective carrier

Usually on contract devices are a good way to actually acquire newly released devices at a reasonable amount. It is a better approach to obtain new handsets rather than shelling out a lot of money which burns a hole in our pockets. The Galaxy Note 3 falls in the premium category of devices that was announced recently and this revelation is exorbitantly priced at $299 on contract. This is in comparison to the other handsets available.Galaxy Note 3 Continue reading

Unlock the Region Lock on your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (SM-N9005) using RegionLock Away

Samsung announced its latest flagship device last month, the Galaxy Note 3. Packed with new improved features, the phablet was made available to customers from September 25. And though it was widely received by users, many of them were unhappy about Samsung’s new region lock strategy.

The region lock ensured that the Note 3 can only be used with a SIM card from the same region where the device was bought. For instance you cannot use a European Note 3 with an American or Asian SIM card. You can use the European SIM card all over the world but cannot use a local SIM card when outside Europe which would be more cheaper to use than the European one. And though Samsung claims that you can use any SIM card after once activating the device with a SIM card which is from the same region as the device, many users report this is not the case.

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LG G2 to be the First Smartphone with 3GB of RAM, followed by the Note 3 [Reports]

The LG G2, which is the successor to the Optimus G2 is regarded to be launched as the world’s first phone with 3GB of RAM. Previously, we have seen the new Snapdragon 800 version of the Galaxy S4 hog the limelight by being attributed as the world’s first LTE-Advanced device, but now LG will possess these boasting rights by unveiling the the world’s first phone with 3GB of RAM.SK-Hynix-RAM-memory-chip
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