Notifications Off helps to Manage the In-App Notifications on Android


The status bar or the notification bar in the Android OS is of great use. It not only displays the date, time and the battery status on the top of the screen, but it also alerts the Android user in case of incoming messages, mails, etc. In the latest Jelly Bean OS, the notification bar was given many new features. Users could reply to the mail or message from the bar itself, rather than opening the app. Also, expandable notifications were added which enabled an individual to read the message from the status bar.

Notification bar comes in as a very handy feature. But there are some disadvantages that come with it. There are several apps which use the bar to display their ads. So along with the in-app advertisements, the user gets the notifications of an ad even after exiting the app. Android Jelly Bean 4.1 gives an option to the user to disable the app notifications. For this purpose the user has to go in settings and change it. While this is a good feature, it becomes tedious to do it when the number of apps are quite huge. This is where Notifications Off app can be used.

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