Make your Android Device look like iOS 7 using this JellyBean Theme

Just recently, Apple officially released their next generation iOS 7 but this unveilment will not arrive on the iPhone so soon. However, in case you happen to be an Android user or you have an Android phone with you, then you can employ this Apple’s released functionality on the Android handset itself. Thus it a surprise that an Android handset can facilitate its appearance in the form of the new-fangled iOS 7 by a simple functionality called jbOS 7 (Jelly Bean OS 7)

This notable functionality is an Android theme that helps in providing and dishing out the necessitated design of the iOS 7, the Apple’s newest mobile operating system. This particularized theme is an amalgamation of certain customization aspects and this has been formed as a combination of custom icons and the Nova Launcher home screen launcher. This is available for all devices that run on Android 4.0+ version.
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