[How to] Root the Nvidia Shield

Nvidia’s Shield, the Android run gaming device, offers one of the best gaming and multimedia experiences on a hand held device. Powered by Nvidia’s own Tegra 4 processor, with 2 GB RAM and 16 GB storage, the Shield is a must have for hardcore Android gamers. Coupled with high quality speakers and a 5 inch screen, the device is also great for multimedia content like watching videos and listening to music.

The device comes with Android 4.2.1 with OTA updates now allowing users to move apps to their SD cards and offering support to a lot more games. We have previously seen how to unlock the Shield’s bootloader. We will now see the procedure to root the device. Rooting has a lot of benefits as we have already seen in this article. Lets now proceed in rooting the Shield.

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[How To] Unlock the Bootloader of Nvidia Shield

Nvidia had launched it’s own handheld portable gaming device, the Nvidia Shield. It was lauded for being a very powerful device and bringing the experience of PC gaming to a portable device. It featured it’s own array of Android games that were optimized for it and was also able to run other apps and games from the Google Play.

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