CPU Frequency scaling Kernel Governors and their Types for Android Smartphones

Overclocking is one of the major reason why anyone roots their android device. Overclocking basically means that you can run the CPU of your device at a higher clocking speed than that specified by the manufacturer. It basically means that the potential speed of the CPU increases. Mind the word potential because in Android the kernel doesn’t run the CPU at constant clocking speeds. That means it has a dynamic clocking speed. Suppose if you have a 1GHz processor, your device will not constantly run at 1GHz, that would be foolish because the battery drain will be tremendous. The dynamic scaling is controlled by governors. Governors are a set of rules that specify how the clocking speed should be set according to the need.

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ROM Toolbox Pro: Take complete control over your phone with ROM Control Pro

Rooting your phone is just a small step into the greater world of modifications that you can perform on your device. The possibilities are endless right from making your phone run faster to increasing battery life, once rooted, you can MOD your phone as you want. Surely you must be thinking that making modifications to the phone must require a lot of research, some experience and a minimum level of expertise. You may be wrong to think that you have to be a pro in order to make major mods in your device. Here is an app developed by JRummy Apps Inc. called as “ROM Toolbox Pro”.

ROM Toolbox by JRummy Apps Inc.

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