[How To] Install Paranoid Android 3.99 on HTC One

Paranoid Android ROMs are fast gaining popularity among the Android community. The introduction of Halo 2.0 feature by Paranoid Android makes their ROM a tad unique from others and is one of the main factors in attracting users. This Halo, which is nothing but a floating button, allows efficient use of the ROM’s multitasking feature. The 2.0 version allows users to view full notifications rather than just text from the applications.

The HTC One is the flagship device of the Taiwanese manufacturer. It was launched at the beginning of this year and had Android 4.1.2 in it. Later HTC also launched a Google Play Edition version of the One which also gained popularity among users. We have already seen how to install the Google Play Edition ROM on the One. We will now proceed in installing Paranoid Android 3.99 in it.

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