How to Set Password for the Lock Screen on your Windows Phone 8

Setting up a password to the screen is an important aspect. The featuring of locking a handset by setting up a password for the lock screen is an interesting proposition altogether. It is mandatory to have a password set in various circumstances for security and confidentiality purposes. This is very essential in protecting the information and other stuff present on the handset. These resident documents might include some potential personal stuff or may be related various other confidential purposes. Hence, keeping it safe will require the user to set a password to provide security to the lock screen.

Generally, there is no security provided to the users on the Windows Phone 8 by default. This means that any unknown or known person can access your phone with any prior consideration or permission. It can be done by simply sliding the lock screen picture upward. Therefore, it is an necessary functionality to utilize the required aspect and manifest by providing a  lock screen password for better security.WP8 Continue reading

Tips for Setting Up a Strong Screen Lock Code/Password on Android for better security!


Security is always a big concern of having a smartphone. Unlike before, if one gets access to your smartphone he can basically can get a control over your entire life; emails, SMS, other important accounts, contacts, etc. So it is always important to setup a good secure password on your Android device. However there should be a good tradeoff between convenience and security. The password shouldn’t be so difficult that unlocking screen becomes a painstaking task.

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