Samsung Galaxy S4 officially Unveiled in New York

The Smartphone constitutes some impressive hardware specifications and is surely a fascinating innovation staying in line with the technological advancements. With a slight increase in screen size from 4.8” to 5”, this disclosure comes with a 1080p display at 441 pixels per inch (compared to iPhone 5′s 326 ppi). This is regarded by Samsung as the Full HD Super AMOLED. The processor is a 1.6GHz octo-core Exynos 5 i.e. resident on the device. Also incorporated is the facility of 2GB of RAM. Thus, ample power is functionalized on the device.

Galaxy S4
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Leaked photos and specification of HTC Deluxe DLX

There were several broadcastments previously giving an account on the exclusive HTC Droid DNA. The hearsays reported beforehand on the various disclosures that were presented to the public eye and the glimpse that the leaks provided on the Verizon-exclusive HTC Droid DNA. It was manifested from the resulting stories that there would be no name change, and a similar variant will surface up.

The tidings that have been presented out through pictorial descriptions highlight the aspect of the HTC Deluxe DLX. These have been understood to be leaked to GSMArena.

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Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie operating on Sony LT30i smartphone, as spotted from benchmarks

The upgrade that surfaced up names as Jelly Bean manifested a minor update over the previous version and there was speculation regarding the next version. With reports from various discoveries, its arrival date is expected to be announced in February or March with the release to follow later in May-June 2013.

A depiction of the test results of the NenaMark2 benchmarks charts has revealed the mysterious device Sony LT30i was caught sight of running the operating system listed as Android 5.0. This is regarded as the major release with respect to the major innovation levels in store for this version.

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BlackBerry provides making free calls over Wi-Fi with the changed & improved BBM v7.0

Recently in the news that gather the headlines, include the tidings that vividly present out an update to the BBM i.e. the BlackBerry Messenger. As the narrations surface up with respect to its recital, RIM has provided this update that delivers the functionality to make free voice calls. These specific benefits can be reproduced to other BlackBerry users over Wi-Fi.

BlackBerry BBM
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