[How to] Download and Install Pokemon Go 0.35.0


Niantic are pushing out latest update of Pokemon Go – 0.35.0. This version has introduce some new features. The main one being that of Team Leader. Trainers can now reach out to their Team Leader for more information about a creature they’ve caught. Team Leaders will brief them on their creature’s defensive and offensive capabilities, giving them a better idea of whether the creature they’ve caught is worth keeping in their collection. Which Team Leader provides the player with information depends on which Team the player joined. Pokemon Go has three Team Leaders. They are Candela, Blanche and Spark.

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[How to] Download and Install Pokemon Go


Pokemon Go was released only a few days ago. It is based on the famous Pokemon cartoon. This game is different than all other previous Pokemon games. Pokemon Go is a virtual reality game in which you will have to roam around in real life to catch Pokemon and increase your Pokedex count. This format makes the game really interesting.

Pokemon Go is available only in few countries as of now. However, you can install the APK and play it in any country regardless of whether it has been officially released in your country. A detailed guide on how to install Pokemon Go has been given below. Continue reading