How to Reset iOS device and Remove all of its Content & Settings without using iTunes

During the time that an individual uses the iOS devices, there may be instances that sometime a specific app on the respective device freezes or doesn’t respond as previously. In such a situation restarting the device may help in sorting the current issue, however if this is not facilitated by restarting the phone then the user will have to reset the device back to its original settings.

In completely other situation in some cases there would be urgency associated to just wipe off the data from the handset. This might be in the case of a critical scenario where the valuable information is of significant importance to the user & the individual doesn’t want to share this information with the other individuals. In such cases, this procedure will help a great deal in carrying out the necessary task to wipe off the iOS device and remove all of its Content & Settings. Thus, iTunes is not needed in such a situation and this operation can be performed by following the steps below.
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