Moto X’s four wooden cover options reportedly in the pipeline, arriving soon [Leaks]

Based on information released by renowned leakster @evleaks, it was regarded that four new wooden covers for the Moto X will be available starting at a price of $50. Back in September, it was pointed out that the price of Moto X will drop to $100 on contract. At that point of time, it was illustrated that these dispatchments will arrive in the winter. We had seen the price being sloshed down to half by October, however there was no information presented on the wooden Moto X covers.Moto X covers Continue reading

Sprint Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 appears online [Leaks]

It is a noticeable fact that Samsung strives to put in efforts to garner a large share of the market. Along these lines, we have seen a plethora of devices being launched that serve to different price brackets and provide their respective functionalities. Back in August, it was visualized that the Galaxy Mega 6.3 phablet will be available on Sprint carrier, apart from being available on AT&T and U.S. Cellular. Although other carriers had presented information on the pricing and availability of the device, Sprint gave no indication on officially unraveling the device on the Sprint carrier.

Now finally we are treated to leaks and depictions on the existence and the actuality of this information where Sprint is preparing to release this handset. Even though there is no carrier branding on the leaked itemization, this leaked picture by evleaks displays this revelation for the consumer’s view.Galaxy Mega Continue reading

Pictorial depictions of the rumored Nokia Lumia 2520 tablet [Leaks]

Based on reports disclosed by EvLeaks, it is believed that the released image is that of the “Lumia 2520”, Nokia’s upcoming tablet. Several speculations have surfaced up as we near closer to the 22 October media event in Abu Dhabi. The Windows RT tablet shall serve as a competitor to the already existent iPad and Android tablets available in the market. Previously we have seen this revelation being compared to Apple’s iPads where in various leaks and rumors highlighted the structuring of the device. At present, no information has been released pertaining to the specifications or the release date of the device. However it will be interesting to note the front view of this itemized device.Lumia 2520

According to reports, the tablet dubbed as Lumia 2520 will be powered by a Snapdragon 800 processor and will possess an ARM-based quad-core CPU and Qualcomm Adreno 330 GPU. The 10.1 inch screen will pack in a 1371 x 771 resolution that delivers just 156ppi, as reported from leaked specs. Other suppositioned specs include LTE, 32GB of storage, a micro HDMI connector and a micro USB port. The device will be equipped with 10 hours of battery life. Continue reading

Announcement of the Glance Background app by Nokia presumably affirms the presence of 1080p displays

Incase you have set up your Nokia Amber update; you must have sensed the Glance screen by now. Considering its resourcefulness, this is a good addition but it gets even fancier with the introduction of the Glance Background beta app. After its announcement, Nokia speculatively looks like to be affirming the existence of 1080p displays on upcoming models

Such development is an interesting unravelling considering the fact that Nokia is planning to expand the 1080p threshold. Previously we had seen ample amount of rumors and leaks citing the development of such a development, however it is a thought provoking aspect when Nokia is supporting the information in this regard makes this situation all more Continue reading

Supposed images of Golden iPhone leak online [Rumors]

Based on reports disclosed by TechCrunch, it has been displayable that the rumored iPhone is slated to arrive in gold. The itemized information arrives after we have witnessed several leaks and rumors regarding the iPhone 5S which is speculated to arrive in this new color.

Previously it was believed that Apple is adding this new color option to mark a presence in the market with its range if devices and to have a strikingly different handset from its old products. According to reports, this new color is speculatively called as ‘champagne,’ than a gold Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Leaked photos [Rumors]

According to recent tidings and other lowdowns, an alleged picture of the upcoming Galaxy Note 3 flagship Smartphone has leaked online. However this information can’t be confirmed as of now. Presuming this depiction as legitimate, this Smartphone seems to constitute a large screen, small bezel and rounded corners. Although the leaked picture doesn’t show the entire handset, the top and the right hand side of the model is visible clearly.
Continue reading